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FREE – can this simple four letter word boost your horse business profits?

Some of the top Internet marketers use the magic of “FREE” to boost their bottom line by giving away some of their best Informational products to stir interest in their other products and services and gain lifetime customers. Some brick and mortar businesses have found free to be a super charger of their business growth. Would your horse business benefit from offering a product or service free too?

Free seems helps people feel they are safe and not taking a risk. Then once they have your free product and like it they are willing to spend money on another product or service you offer.

Here is an article that talks about the power of “FREE”…

“Free” Can Get Your Clients Going Wild! But What’s In It for You?

I think one of the main reasons free works is not just the cost savings you feel you are receiving, but because the word free helps you feel safe from risk. Most of us look to reduce risks and stay safe — even if it just on a subconscious level.

Have you ever considered offering anything for free from your business? Did you try it out? How did it work out for you? Have you checked your business competition are they trying out the power of free?

Is there a downside to offering products or services for free? Can your business afford to test it out — or maybe you should be asking if your business can afford not to test it out?

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