Equine learning opportunity with Stacie Westfall

Discover her horse training secrets.

Dolores Arste of zenhorsemanship.com has lined up Stacie Westfall to be interviewed on her next Clicker Trainer’s Conference call for April 9th.

Dolores sent me the following info on this very special *free call…

I can’t believe that Stacie’s fire to become a horse trainer was fueled at a John Lyons Symposium in Maine. I was actually there!

Stacy grew up in Maine where she rode any horse she could find. She started riding on a Shetland Pony named Misty who was trained to rear on command. Stacy trained her first colt at 14–a $150 project horse.

Now several (I won’t say how many) years later, Stacy Westfall, of Mt. Gilead, Ohio, is no stranger to the competition arena. She was the first woman to compete in and the first woman to win Road to the Horse–showcasing her horse training methods. Stacy is also a winner in the reining show pen. She’s best known for her “mystery-rider” bridle-less freestyle ride. In 2003, National Reining Horse Association Futurity fans leapt to their feet after her bridleless ride rated tops with the judges.

Stacie’s horse at this year’s Road to the Horse was totally in love with her within the first hour of her training. At the end of the weekend, her horse was following her around like a puppy. That’s something I’m sure we can all appreciate. Stacie bought last year’s horse Popcorn AND this year’s horse. She performed with Popcorn for the crowd this year. And, you see him in her colt-starting article series in Horse and Rider.

This is your opportunity to have me ask the questions that you want to hear. Together, let’s find out what led to her such amazing success.

*The call is free except for the long distance charges and will be up on the replay line for about 2 weeks after the call.

To register visit ZenHorsemanship.com

Notes from Joni Solis…

I really feel strongly that people in the horse industry should be open to continuous learning adventures like these free live calls that Dolores and other horse people hold. Please go sign up for this call and enjoy your opportunity to learn from other professional horse business people.

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  1. Here are some of the questions we’ll be asking Stacie. To have YOUR question answered, drop me a note via email to

    What inspired you to create a career in Colt Starting.

    How did you become the first woman at Road to the Horse

    How did most people respond after your great win?

    Do you think you have unusual qualities that enabled you to be so successful?

    When you were riding in the final of 2006, you spoke about
    your team and how they helped. Can you tell us how you
    built your team network. What qualities do you look for.

    What made you settle on Reining as your chosen Equestrian Sport.
    What are your most popular products? What do people most want to know?

    What’s new for Stacie in 2007?

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