Horse Inspired Jewelry

John Medeiros, CEO and designer of the John Medeiros Collection, has long harbored a love of horses. As a young child, he had horses, and would ride them and change the horse shoes. Ever since then, John Medeiros has thought that horses are powerful beings and that the horseshoe symbolizes strength, power, luck, and success. In fact, the shape of the horse shoe naturally inspires his creative process. The anvil collection, currently in the line, uses horseshoes as does the new Laurea bracelet, not yet available in stores.

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The Laurea bracelet is a cuff that features interchangeable ends. The bracelet comes in four different styles, one of which is the horseshoe symbolizing luck. The LAUREA bracelet was created as a combined effort between father and daughter, John and Nina. The two wanted to create a piece that would be easily customized to its wearer and the momentous event she was marking by its purchase. The LAUREA bracelet was named for the Italian word meaning graduation and new beginnings, and comes from the same root as Laurel, which is often used to commemorate achievements. This piece is perfect not only for a literal graduation, but to mark an anniversary, wedding, promotion, birthday, or any momentous occasion.

The Laurea bracelet is a cuff that features interchangeable ends.

The anvil collection Jewelry

John Medeiros Jewelry is all hand made in the United States by jewelry artisans. All designs are registered, trademarked, and backed by a lifetime guarantee program. The pieces are rhodium and 14kt gold plated and use cubic zirconium, sea shell and freshwater pearls, and Austrian crystals as stones. John Medeiros Jewelry is the fine jewelry alternative–real jewelry hand crafted from non precious metals.

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  2. This is a great idea, many people wouldn’t have thought of this. I will definitely have to look at some of this pieces in consideration to buy.

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