Interesting Facts About Horses In History

Horses are smart and friendly animals that have helped humans for more than four thousands years. They were used in agriculture, warfare, and helped people cover long distances. It is known that horses are faithful animals. There were many cases when horses sacrificed their lives in order to save people. Here are some interesting facts about five different horses:

English: Alexander and Bucephalus. Alexander g...
English: Alexander and Bucephalus. Alexander getting the better of his horse. A statue in front of Edinburgh’s City Chambers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. Paintings of horses can be found in caves of Eurasia. These paintings showed that ancient people were familiar with horses and they may have been sacred animals for them. Greek and Chinese myths told us that horses were real friends for humans and they were described as brave and noble animals. Pegasus (a white flying horse) was one of the most popular creatures in Greek mythology.
  2. English: Seleucos_I_Bucephalos_coin
    English: Seleucos_I_Bucephalos_coin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Bucephalus was the favorite horse of Alexander the Great. Alexander’s father Philipp paid for Bucephalus a fabulous sum of money – 13 talents (340 kg of silver). This stallion was very restive and no one could tame this freedom-loving animal. However, 10-year old Alexander noticed that stallion was afraid of his own shadow. Alexander calmed Bucephalus, turned his head to the sun and tamed him. Bucephalus became the favorite of the great ruler. Together they passed through many battles. Alexander the Great founded a city called Alexandria Bucephalus (modern India) after the death of his beloved horse.

  3. Spanish legends told people about famous warrior and national hero El Cid and his brave horse Babieca. Actually, the name of the horse was rather strange, because it derived from Spanish word meaning “stupid”. It can be explained by the fact that Babieca was very weak and unhealthy colt. Nevertheless, Babieca grew into brave, smart, and strong horse. Due to military feats, Babieca became a Spanish national hero.
  4. Marengo was another legendary horse. It was favorite horse of Napoleon I of France. Marengo was beautiful grey Arabian horse that was called after the name of the Battle of Marengo. This Arabian horse carried Napoleon throughout the whole Europe. Marengo survived in snowy and extremely cold Russia and saved Napoleon’s life several times. Marengo was captured by English soldiers at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
  5. Sergeant Reckless was the most famous war horse of the 20th century. Noteworthy, Sergeant Reckless held an official rank in the US Army. This horse participated in a wide range of military operations during the Korean War. She was able to take deliver military cargoes without an equestrian guiding him. American soldiers claimed that Sergeant Reckless ate any food, especially sweets, and liked to drink Coca-Cola and even beer.
c. 1810
c. 1810 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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