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Free* call with Linda Tellington-Jones of TTouch Wednesday November 28, 2007

Update: New call with Linda Wednesday, March 19, 2008; sign up for this free call!

“TTouch For You‚Ķ and The Horse You Rode In On” – Free live teleseminar call discussing how TTouch and TTEAM affect you and your horse.

How often do your get to ask a top equine clinician any question you want?

Linda has 30+ years of teaching classical riding. She has traveled widely teaching people just like you how to get along better with their horse partner!

Reasons you should to check into TTouch and TTeam

Snipits of info from Linda’s site…

…enable a horse to override old patterns and to learn without fear or force…

…TTEAM exercises result in self-control, focus, self-confidence, cooperation, balance and coordination. Moreover, eleven unique ways of leading a horse provide opportunities for both horse and rider to increase ability and coordination…

The Tellington TTouch helps to relieve tension, fear of contact, soreness or discomfort and transforms nervous, spooky or resistant horses and improve attitude and behavior. With TTouch your horse will enjoy learning and cooperate willingly.

TTouch has been used extensively to speed healing and recovery from injury and illness in horses and in all animals, including humans.

Hundreds of case histories about emergencies with colic, illness or injury demonstrate the value of TTEAM work with the ears to keep a horse out of shock or to bring a horse out of shock while waiting for the veterinarian.

Some of the questions Linda will be asked are…

“What is the career potential for a T Touch certified practitioner, and how do we go about becoming certified?”

“What was the path that led you to know about and/or develop your Touch? (i.e., what areas of study led you there)?”

Here is your chance to chat live with Linda Tellington-Jones about how TTouch and TTEAM can help you and your horse.

Only hours left! Hurry and register for this free* call video on ttouch…

Video Description: TTouch work is helping Daizy gain a relaxed coherent sense of herself. She spent her first year confined and chained and was not allowed to develop properly.


Call with: Linda Tellington-Jones a Favorite Equine Clinician
Date and time: Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007
8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific
Register for the call

These phone seminars are the new wave in learning. They are faster, easier, and save you time and money compared to traveling to attend learning seminars across the country.

Equine Teleseminars put on by Patricia of give you a wonderful chance to learn from the best horse professionals.
Where else do you get the opportunity to ask your favorite equine clinician your questions, and to have them answered – LIVE over the phone!

P.S. This is a zero-cost call*

* This phone call is free, outside of your regular long distance phone charges. Space is limited, so sign up now and make plans to attend! Sign up even if you can’t make the call, your questions make the event more valuable for everybody. Even if you can not make it for the live call or you miss the call you can order the audio and text files and still get all the important info!

Feel free to spread the news and tell your horse loving family and friends about this call!

Horse picture by Ian Britton

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