How to Properly Plan, Start and Run Your Horse Rescue

Some of the things you should research are…

  • Finding a niche that works for you – various kinds of rescues
  • Avoiding burnout – mental, emotional & physical
  • Planning for long-term viability of the facility
  • Fundraising
  • Placing horses – finding good adoptive homes
  • Insurance & Legal Issues
  • Rehabilitation Issues
  • Retraining
  • Working with vets, farriers, law enforcement, and the public
  • PR – Getting media coverage, and what to do with it when you get it.
  • Setting up your legal and tax status – setting up your 501-c-3




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  2. Horse Rescues check out the new horse magazine, Horse Nation.

    …We profile horse and equine
    sanctuaries and horse and equine
    defenders, no matter how big or small,
    no matter where they’re located in the
    world. And we’d like to invite you to
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  3. Have horses that need new homes? Join this group and post your horses for adoption photos where people can check them out!

    About Horses in need (Abondoned, BLM, PMU, shelters, slaughterhouses)

    This is a group for horses that need homes or sponsorship. The idea is that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If people see pictures of horses needing homes or sponsorship they might be motivated to help. And horses genuinely do need help. This is also a site where formerly abused, abandoned, and neglected horses who have been adopted or rescued can be showcased. Those posting pictures should provide a short history of each animal shown.

    My hope is that this group become a tool to aid with horse rescue and with finding loving, lasting “forever homes” for mustangs, burros, donkeys, premarin horses, and tame horses that people have abondoned or no longer can take care of.

    Pictures from rescue sites all connect back to the source information so viewers can learn more about respective animals.

  4. If you are running a horse rescue organization or other animal rescue then you should read this web page all about helpful and successful fundraising ideas:

    Elizabeth Tolson’s Fundraisers – Part 1

    and you will want to join this yahoo group:

    Humane Fundraising

    This group will discuss fundraising ideas for your Humane Society, Rescue, Animal Shelter or Sanctuary.

    We will dedicate our efforts to answer all questions or solicitations for advice from the members. Questions are normally answered within 8 hours.

    We come to you with a wealth of fundraising information. Elizabeth Tolson, list owner, has been the Fundraising Chairman for her local Humane Society and now helps groups independently. She has conducted fundraising seminars and has written a Fundraising and Volunteer Book for Humane Societies, Shelters, and Rescues.

    Danielle Hamilton, list moderator, has spent the last 8 years creating and modifying fundraising ideas to work for animal rescues, researching new ideas, and consulting with rescue groups in person and online to brainstorm the best way to make a fundraiser work for them. Innovative thinking and brainstorming are our specialties!

    There are no fundraising ideas that are impossible (in our minds). You can present an idea and we, as a list, will work on it to make it work for your group. Additionally, we will discuss other ways to draw attention to your group – such as Public Service Announcements, Committees, Membership Drives, and how to fundraise on Monthly Humane Related Days.

    Additional information on fundraising can be found at where ideas mentioned on the list have been turned into articles for easier reading.

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