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So That Neither It Nor You Implode, Collapse Or Need Bailing Out

Horse Business Teleseminar on the subject of HORSE RESCUE.

If you are like most horse people I know you have run across more than one horse that needed rescue. So even if you don’t have any plans on starting a horse rescue organization you will gain lifesaving info on how to place that once in the while rescued horse.

Besides that, don’t you want to learn out how rescue groups place horses that other people cannot sell? Might teach you some thing about marketing your horses.

Update note…

This teleseminar was held on February 7, 2006, but you can still learn from it by purchasing the seminar transcripts or audio of it here:

Drew and Patricia will talked for 90 minutes on:

  • what kind of person should start a rescue
  • how to create a network of volunteers, foster homes, and donors
  • some of the challenges and rewards that horse rescues face everyday.
  • the importance of treating the rescue in a business-like manner
  • why even if it is a NONE-PROFIT that the principles of for-profit business apply to it.
  • learn how to decide if you have the right kind of personality to start and run a rescue
  • if you should maybe find a rescue to assist.

Also learn:

  • how to decide if a rescue is legitimate, or if it’s a scam.

If you already run a horse rescue you will learn:

  • the best ways to fundraise
  • how to get and keep volunteers and foster homes
  • Ever Wonder Why Horse Rescues Fail? Now you can find out!

Discover the challenges of running a horse rescue

  • how to delegate responsibilities
  • how to find your niche in the industry
  • and why and how business planning is important to running your rescue – as well as to keeping your health!

A little about the speakers:

Drew Fitzpatrick

Drew has been in rescue work for fifteen years, is a State of Minnesota Humane Officer, and has run the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue for 5 years. She has been a horse owner, trainer, and showman since she was a teenager.

Patricia Reszetylo

Patricia has also been a horse owner, trainer, and showman since she was a teen. She lived and worked at a rescue in Nebraska for about a year, and both of the horses she currently owns are rescues of one sort or another.

Even before working at the Nebraska rescue, Patricia has been studying business, and since has observed how it applies to rescue work, and came to the conclusion that if rescues are to succeed, they must operate in a business like manner.

Both Drew and Patricia feel that too many horses rescues and horse businesses are started without the proper education. And without the proper understanding of how to keep the money coming in, the horses properly cared for, retrained, and re-homed, as well as how to make some of the hard decisions – like when to put an animal down.

We’ve all seen cases where rescues took on far more than they can handle, and then had to place horses in a hurry because they were stretched too far. They didn’t have the finances, the hay, and the money for the vet, so the rescue turned into a situation where they were now the rescuees.

This presentation answers many questions people submitted beforehand.

Purchase the seminar transcript and audio here…


This is vital information that no equine rescue or rescue volunteer should be without. Your rescue is better able to serve the horses and humans of your community when you listen to this call!

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Virtual seminars (Teleseminars) are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons one of which is the fact that they save you tons of money! Why? Well for one you only have to pick up your phone to join in. You don’t have to spend all the money to travel and attend one in a hotel with all the expenses that go along with that: hotel room, dinning costs, travel costs, attendence fees, child and/or animal care while you are gone, etc…

They also save you so much time because of all the same things mentioned above. They also help you learn faster because you can attend more Internet seminars in a year than you could ever manage to attend hotel seminars even if cost was no factor.

Another reason I think Internet seminars are so wondeful is because you can sit down and pick up your phone at the last moment without brushing the hay from your hair and the dust from your jeans. I am a super busy person, who isn’t, so I love the fact that I can squeeze them into an hour opening in my daily schedule.


  1. Hi My name is Stephanie Diaz. Im only 16 years old but I know what I want to do with my life but the problem is I dont know exactly what kind of eduacation I need to make my dream successful. I want to open a sactuary for abused horses. The horses that people dont want anymore. Either they cant be trained, are permantly injured and cant be riden. I want to save the Wild horse population. In the 1900 there were over 2 million wild horses in America, now there are less than 25,000. I want to be the voice horses dont have. I just need advice on what eduacation I need to open and run my very own business right from home. I want my home and my property to be the sactuary. I just dont know what college classes and stuff like that I need. Can you please help me

  2. Hello my name is courtney i just recently found out my best friend was sent to slaughter not to long ago because the people i sold her to freightened her by not giving her a chance to get use to her surrondings ahead of time before they jumped on her back and threw her in a stall so she was really jumpy and she never kicked before ever i had her since she was born up untill the point i had to leave from ohio to texas because my husband joined the military. It hurts so bad because i feel at fault but instead of laying around crying all the time i want to get up and stop it from happening to someone elses best friend i have no clue how to get a rescue started and all i keep getting is a run around by people. Horses have been my passion since i was a tiny girl and now it seems to be a passion for my 7month old daughter and i want her to respect animals and know how to help out when she can. Horses are a gift that so many people are taking advantage of its making me sick. Weather i have to foster or run a slaughter truck off the road to free these beautiful creatures i will do anything i possible can!!!! So if you could please please let me know what how when and where i can do anything to stop this!!! Thank you so much

    1. Dear Courtney,

      You can do many things to help horses right from your home while you care for your baby. Horse rescue organizations are in need of people willing to help out with spreading the word of their rescues. So you can help by writing and sending out messages by email, twitter, facebook, and blogging. All these can be started and done online for free. Start by contacting a couple of local horse rescue groups if there are any in your area and tell them you want to help and what you can and are willing to do.

      I have saved more than one pet by the use of messages on twitter, facebook, and free blogs I have started. For local rescue you can also print and post up fliers around town to help spread the news about their rescue efforts.

      If you can foster a horse that would be wonderful, but consider the time and money needed to do that.

      If you have a local rescue contact them and ask for a visit. Let them know you want to help horses and I am sure they will come up with ways that you can do just that.

      If you go the foster route please consider clicker training as it helps so much with training rescued horses.

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  4. Hi, I live in MN and desparatley want to start a horse rescue… I have been a horse lover all my life i was only afraid of horses when I was 7yrs old and had gotten kicked in the throat by our foal… now I am training that horse and have worked with all the horses on our farm… and I even have 2 horses being boarded at my house. Now I fould a great website that can build me a barn/stables and riding arena and didnt know if it was cheap but there is so much im not sure about and I dont even know what questions to ask so if you can just send some info to me at wildfancy19@hotmail.com that would be absolutely marvelous!

  5. Do an Internet search for…

    How to start a horse rescue


    “running a horse rescue”

    Sites with horse rescue info:

    Starting A Horse Rescue

    Equine Rescue News & Resources

    Horse & Equine Rescue & Caretaking Directory

  6. Dear Sandra and anyone else looking to rescue horses. I just checked and their are 195 yahoo egroups when I did a search for “horse rescue”. My advice is to check over the ones that sound like they can give the advice that what you are looking for and join a few that have a lot of members. Joining forces with others of like minds is a great way to learn and share experiences.

    Consider joining at least one egroup on the subject of fundraising too!

    Yahoo groups on “horse rescue”…


    They anyone reading this blog has some more advice please comment!

  7. Hi, my name is Sandra! I have always been an animal lover, always rescuing any animal in need. I’ve been around horses my entire life. I’m known as the horse rescuer around town. I would love to make this my business since I have such a love and passion for saving animals. I’am currently leasing an 8 acre equestrian property, with beautiful pastures, and a great barn, and riding arenas. I would like to make this my business full time. I have the horse since, I need help on the business end. Any suggestions? I currently have 7 horses I have rescued and I’m still getting knocks on my door for placement with people usually who could not afford them anymore. How can I continue to help and at the same time make the $2500.00 dollar lease payments not including hay/vet/farrier. I do have a wonderful vet here in town who will work with me and has been. I don’t want to give up on my passion. How can I turn this into a career? Do you know anyone that can help me out? Thank you, Sandra.

    1. Sandra. It’s my passion to girl don’t give up. I am in Texas. I have work with some non profit rescues. Its take a lot, I mean a lot of determination, hard work and help. Where are you?

  8. Dear Annette,

    The first step to began a horse rescue is to do a LOT of research on it, which is where you seem to be now. So you are on the right track.

    Check out the yahoo and google e-groups and join a few that deal with horse rescue and fundraising. http://www.groups.yahoo.com

    Then you can start asking people on these groups questions and for their options on what is the best way to go about things.

    Do you have a local vet willing to work with you, give rescue discounts?

    Look for books online on the subject of horse rescue.

  9. My name is Annette Nichols, I live in Salem Or. I want to start a horse rescue. How do i find the fuding? I am a horse lover and I own a beautiful Throughbred gelding.Each year hundreds of beautiful young Throughbreds are sold to meat buyers or simply killed because they did not want to run.I can help these orses in dire need i have found the property and i need a barn and funding please tell me what the steps are rudyboy1998 @ comcast.net (remove spaces) 503 589 9328 Thank You Annette

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