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A business card does no one any good in the trash can.

Your business is your heart and soul, but for everyone else receiving your business card it is just another advertisement in a day filled with ads every which way they turn. So how can you design your business cards so that they attract and hold someone’s attention so they will pocket the card and use it later?

Well, lets consider some of the reasons you would want to keep someone’s card, because if you get a clear understanding of these reasons then you can design a more effective business card.

First off people will keep a card as a way to contact a resource – product, service, or person. Having a card with contact info is much easier than trying to remember a web addresses or phone numbers.

You may hold on to a card for non business reasons like for socializing and party planing. Or for referring the business to someone you know; then you hold onto the card in order to pass it on.

But if you only view your business card as simply a place to put contact info you would be missing the opportunity to drill deeper and really make your card unique and more useful to customers and potential customers.

You can get creative with your cards and encourage customers to retain them by providing information that the customer may find useful. Please read some of my past articles…

Get Creative with your Business Cards


Marketing with Postcards

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Consider going with folded cards (tent cards) and make a mini brochure with a listing of benefits your card reader will receive if they purchase your product or service – clearly spell out the reasons they would be crazy not to buy from you.

Mini Brochure - folded business card Double Panel Business Card

Take the time to really consider the info, colors, design of your business card to make it a pocket-able treasure instead of an object to flick in the trash. Business cards can be one of your best salesman if you do them right!

Business Card as Gift or Tag

Note: In the past I have recommended VistaPrint for full color printing, but then I discovered that they are at the very top of the list of this BBB website in Massachusetts because of customer complaints (2008). Please check the Better Business Bureau – USA Site and check out any printing company you are considering to work with.

Have any other ideas on how to make your business cards better? Please leave a comment. Thanks!

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Image by A Love for Horses via Flickr
Image by A Love for Horses via Flickr


  1. The best business card concept I have ever seen is a piece of rubber, when this rubber is stretched with all your might it reveals the information printed on it – for a personal fitness trainer. What a wonderful idea.

  2. Make Your Business Card Work

    Your business card is one of the BEST and easiest marketing tools…

    There isn’t anything more frustrating than getting a business card and not being able to tell what the person does when you look at. It just seems like such a waste of time, money, paper, energy and it does nothing to support the bringing about of more business.

    So if your business card just says your name, phone number, and website, it’s time to raise the bar!

    Some good tips to consider for your next business card design redo.

  3. Organizing Business Cards for Effective Contact Management

    Now that you’ve had colorful new business cards printed, and have been distributing them diligently, what do you do with the cards you collect from other people?

    High Tech or Old School?

    There are two choices for organizing business cards:

    * The traditional way of keeping them in a card file
    * The contemporary method of keeping contact info on a computer file

    Some good advice on handling all the business cards you collect so you can actually make use of them.

  4. Did you know…

    90% of businesses fail in their first year.

    Don’t plan to fail by skimping on your business cards. Great looking cards help you attract more business.

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