Artist with hooves and whinnies hold brushes and create paintings

Horses are know for running and jumping, but now there are a few that have taken up painting. They hold the paintbrush in their mouth and nod and swing their head while applying paint to canvas or paper. I bet some of these horse artist have sold more paintings than some human artist.

Horse business owners take note that the owners of these horse painters know how to get publicity; publicity equals more sales. Check out the PR news on Romeo and Juliet – newspapers, web sites, blogs, horse magazines to bird magazines. What does your horse or horse business do that is a bit different – news worthy ? – well get the news out with press releases and blog postings!

Meet the four horses that paint…

  1. Cholla, a mustang artist. Cholla has a full page feature in the new Ripley’s Book, ‘The Remarkable Revealed’, release date 8/7/07.

    Video showing Cholla running in the snow and then painting.

  2. Romeo & Juliet, two adorable gaited Paso Fino horses. They are now featured in their own children’s book, “Home Sweet Home with Romeo & Juliet”.
  3. and now DaVinci, the new paint horse art student!

Horse Videos


  1. I just discovered a little more info about Cholla’s artwork…

    Cholla paints with high quality water colors on cold pressed, high end paper, and Gicleés are printed with a 6 color printing process using archival inks on archival water color paper.

    Included with each piece of art purchased, is a 9-minute DVD of Cholla creating his art at his easel and an embossed Certificate of Authenticity.

    10% of the proceeds from The Big Red Buck prints, go to the which is a non profit organization that helps the wild Mustangs in Nevada.

    10% of the proceeds from The Lone Green Loon prints go to help the loons at Walker Lake Nevada

    10% of giclee prints of ” Horse Jumper One ” go to The Animal Specialty Center NYC.

    You can view and purchase Cholla’s artwork from this site:

    I like the one called, “Finish Line” because of the purple color and the movement and form.

  2. Dear Cheryl, Thank you for your kind comments and I do hope you are right about a trend about people posting more positive news. That is what we all need to focus on, or so says the latest books and brain research.

    Thank you for giving us such a shining example of love that expands the joy in others – animal or human.

    May your days be as bright and delightful as rainbows.

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