When you have a love for horses, you want to spend as much time as possible with them. Looking after them, excising them, grooming and training with them are all activities that can be enjoyed with your animal. But safety is always an aspect you should consider whenever and wherever you choose to take your horse out for a trot. Roads are especially dangerous places if you are choosing these areas to exercise your pet. Although Horses do not like the loud noise of the traffic, sometimes it can’t be helped and you have to use the roads. Each year there are a number of horse riding accidents which occur on busy roads, so it is certainly something important to think about when heading out with your animal.

English: Horse riders at Newbold in Leicestershire
English: Horse riders at Newbold in Leicestershire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You need to follow a few rules in order to keep you and your animal safe when using a road. Horse riders should be properly trained on how to travel on roads with their pet. They should then follow what they have been taught and be fully aware of the potential dangers. Below are a few guidelines which all riders should adhere to when choosing to ride on roads.

•    Young riders should always be supervised when traveling on roads with their horses. Inexperienced riders who are yet to reach full horse riding ability should be accompanied by someone who is experienced in the activity.

•    A helmet should be worn at all times when riding, but this is especially important when on roads. A protective helmet which meets regulatory standards should be chosen and worn at all times when riding your horse on busy roads.

•    Hi visibility clothing is also a requirement for riding your horses on roads. You can purchase reflective items which meet regulation standards from most equestrian shops. Drivers and motorists need to be able to see you clearly in harsh visibility.

•    Make sure all equipment is secure and fits well. The saddle and reins should be properly adjusted and of a high quality. The horse should be comfortable so as to feel more secure when on an intimidating road.

•    Be polite to motorists and always give way. Be aware of the cars that are around you and never try to hurry just to save a few seconds of your journey. Keep a good distance from motorists as closeness to cars could startle your horse.

•    Horse riders should also take note of road signs. These aren’t just for drivers, those who are traveling on horses should also take note of signs and follow them accordingly.

•    The Horse Road Safety Test is also another thing to consider taking. This examines your safety when riding your horse on the road and if passed, allows you a qualification to show you are able to ride proficiently on roads with your horse.

These safety rules should be followed at all times when riding your hose on roads. Failure to do so could lead to an accident or an injury to you or your horse. It is vital to protect yourself from dangers and also your animal too. You are responsible for your pet and should be kept a main priority when heading out on roads.

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Note from Joni Solis: For an added note on horse road safety I would like to say that I think one should start off with short rides on very low traffic back roads for a few times before any attempt is made to go on longer rides on busier roadways. Do you have any other helpful ideas about horse riding on roads? If so please leave them in the comments below. Or tell us about your rides that made you wish you took more care about road safety.