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Horses and books in my mailbox; what a delight!

It is not often that I experience excitement at the opening of my mailbox. But this morning as I pulled out the mail I caught sight of an image of a cowgirl* astride a brown horse with three wild horses running before her – a bay, a black, and a dappled gray. Yes, the sight of horses, inked on paper, can make my heart beat faster. I didn’t name my site, A Love for Horses, for nothing.

Cowgirl and horses

I then looked at the return address on the package and saw the name, Linda Hines, an author, and knew the package held a treasure of books. I couldn’t wait to get the package open to check them over.

Books – I love books, always have from the time of young childhood when my mother would sit with us on the bed and read until we or she fell to sleep. Books containing artwork and poems have always been a top favorite. So I was delighted when I flipped through the two books and saw both laced with black and white artwork by a multitude of wonderful artists and quotations and excerpts of poetry and prose from 18th and 19th century authors: Goethe, Lord Byron, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, among others.

Even as I have grown a custom to reading books on the computer screen, I still adore the good old paper versions. I love the heft of books, the feel and smell of the paper, even the sound of my fingers flipping the crisp pages. So many positive emotions evoked from past books that just the lifting of a books is pleasurable to me. OK, you may say I have an book addiction. I confess that I own about six large bookcases filled with books and magazines.

Linda Hines sent me her first two books, Alteza, The Metairie Saga, Book One and Phantom Suns, The Metairie Sage Book Two. My horse art, “The Enchantress” is used on the cover of “Alteza”. Some of the cool black and white horse and cowboy silhouette artwork in these books are from EZArt Graphics.

The first book:

Alteza, The Metairie Saga, Book One
by Linda Hines

Alteza, The Metairie Saga, Book One by Linda Hines

How passionate the Nineteenth Century! When daring ideas sparked modern innovations; discontent sparked European revolutions; and need for inspired leadership spurred Thomas Carlyle to ponder the qualities of “Great Men.” Yet the American frontier had its own visionaries ‚Ķ and the Metairie Saga is a tempestuous tale of their daring spirits, devoted hearts and forbidden desires.

Inspired by Goethe’s “Dream no small dreams,” this exciting new series often parallels cultural and historic European events, while literary details enhance and inspire its pages. Surviving Chicago’s Great Fire, Galen Metairie returns to Alteza, his family’s cattle empire in the Territory of New Mexico. But can the love of his young bride surmount the bond her mysterious husband and his brother’s wife still share? Or will a ruthless renegade prove a greater threat? Because if Moor is involved, the issue is never cattle or land or even wealth; but vulnerabilities ‚Ķ and one man’s power over another man’s heart.

*Artwork on the package: The artwork may actually be a depiction of a cowboy with long hair, but my first thought was cowgirl, I guess I automatically put myself in the saddle. But you can be the judge (leave your guess in the comments). This same artwork is also in the book, “Alteza” in black and white on page 209.

Cowboy or Cowgirl (Detail)

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  1. Isn’t the Cowgirl wonderful!

    One of my favorite classic illustrations! In fact, selecting the “perfect” illustration for each chapter was as much fun as selecting the ‚Äúperfect‚Äù literary excerpt … all adding greatly to the pleasure of writing the books.

    I hope ALTEZA and PHANTOM SUNS will offer you an enjoyable read. They are a Celebration of what I love best …. Horses, the Victorian West and 18/19th Century Romantic Literature.

    Thanks again, Joni! I am proud to have “The Enchantress” grace the cover of my first book, for I consider her the Symbol of my ALTEZA.

    Best regards,

    Linda Hines

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