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Horse for sale videos increase sales

I just did a search on YouTube for “Horse for Sale” and 6,300 horse videos pop up in the search results! That is a lot of ‘horses for sale’ videos on one site. One video received 72,447 views! Since YouTube now receives twice the page views as Google my guess is that many people are finding and buying horses because of these posted horse videos. People are successfully selling horses using video — Are you?

In fact I bet that if you are just using still photos and text on your site or posted to one of the horses for sale listing sites that you are not exposing your horse to as many potential buyers as you possibly can. Marketing tests prove that video does a much better job of showing off your product and motiving a person to purchase. Videos have increased conversions by nearly 50 percent! Isn’t it time you start marketing your horse business with videos?

Why Video to Sell Horses?

When selling your horse on the web, quality videos are essential to provide potential horse buyers a clear idea of your horse’s form, movement, manners, and personalty. Good video production takes time and work, but properly made videos help sell horses in a completive marketplace and help you receive the top price for your horse.

The time to make videos of your horse is not when someone requests to view one. You should plan ahead and make the videos a major part of your marketing plan. In fact videos should be the most important part of your horse marketing.

It takes time and money to make DVD copies of the final videos to mail out to prospective customers that request them and some people request videos just because they enjoy watching videos of horses. You could charge a refundable deposit fee that covers the cost of the DVD and shipping.

Web videos

Post your horse videos online — instantly viewable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer on earth with an Internet connection. If you post them on sites like youtube and the other free video posting sites you don’t even have to worry about bandwidth costs either.

Increase sales with online video ads 2008

Video Equipment and Knowhow

Top of the line video equipment is not required to begin creating video for web display. In fact some people shoot decent video footage with their cell phones and digital cameras that have video options.

If you are on a tight budget and like small, simple to use video cameras then you should consider one of the Flip Video Cameras.

Review: Pure Digital Technologies’ Flip Video Camera

Videotaped with the Flip Video Camera

Of course if you have top dollar horses for sale and have a decent marketing budget, then I highly recommend having professional video shot by someone that specializes in horse video productions. Make sure to check references and view past client videos before making your selection of which video company to hire. Some professional horse photographers are now shooting video too. Does your local photographer shoot video? Find out!

What to Video

Your video presentation should cover important points of interest to a horse buyer. Some areas to consider videotaping are…

  • Under saddle or harnesses: dressage, jumping, cross country, reining, trail riding — whatever skills in whatever discipline your horse it trained for and good at.
  • Horse Show; include footage of any past trophies or ribbons.
  • In hand segments; include close-ups of the horse’s conformation without tack
  • Free Lunging, to show the horse’s true movement
  • Lunging: under your control with changes in gait and direction
  • Free Jumping
  • In hand Obedience: tacking up and untacking, leading
  • Horse care Obedience: vet visit, farrier, worming, shots, bathing, clipping, trailer loading, etc…

You don’t have to put everything in one long video. In fact is better if you make a few short videos that cover different areas — one showing the horse under saddle, one showing the horse’s ground manners, and one demonstrating the horses movements when free lunging or jumping. You want to cover enough in the videos to give someone a good overview of your horse’s training and abilities. This will help them feel confident in making an appointment to meet your horse or to even decide to purchase online just from the videos and reading your horse’s description (your sales copy). Specially if you offer a good guarantee or trail period. Don’t forget to have a good sales contract made and signed.

Make a video blog of your horse for sale and embed the videos into your blog or website pages. Update your site with new video clips as your horse learns more.

Audio Sales copy: the video sound track


Write out all that you want to say in your video to make sure you cover all the selling features of your horse. You can add the voice over to the video (recommend) or talk while videotaping. Also put this the horse’s info on text on the page too.

Here is the sales copy for a horse for sale on the internet. Read it for ideas of what you may want to include in your audio and text for your horse for sale listing:

White Gelding Cepillo, this gelding is good on the street, trails, ring, and wherever else you want to ride. He does not spook at any of the parks nearby, not even with gun shots. My son is only 7 and he rides him anywhere. He is safe enough for him to ride around our neighborhood and in parades. Walks, Trots, Canters on commands. Neck reins or direct reins. Loads, clips, bathes, saddles with no problems. Safe for kids. Used to dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and OK to work with cows. He is 9 years old. He is dead broke and kid safe. This versatile horse is great for anyone to ride. No bad habits. No vices. Pretty Mover.

horse music cd


Music can deeply stir the emotions and you should take your time in its choice. You want the music in the video to add to the video, but not overpower the images. Uplifting and inspiring music that puts people in a good mood is best. Consider songs about horses to really heighten the emotional response of equestrians. If you are not ready to make videos yet you consider make photo slide shows with music. Check out sites like that allow you to make photo slide shows for free that you can embed into your web pages.

Youtube Videos of Horse for Sale

Sporthorse / Dressage horse for sale : Southside Flyer

Note that they added a title clip at the begging and the end of the video that shows their website address (URL). You should always mark your videos with your URL for videos posted on video sites or that someone may download.

Reining horse for sale

Also consider posting videos or a video slide show of photos of the horse’s dam and sir, specially if a top breeding sir.

Argentinus the Legend

Video Resources and Tips

Shooting Video to SELL the Horse! Good step by step article with photos with the info you need to know to get good videos of your horse for sale. Print it out as a blue print or check list.

Traffic Secrets 2.0 Watch this video to learn what cutting edge video creation is. High quality video with some fantastic effects — and some great free tips on how to get more people to view your site’s content. A must see.

Making Money With Youtube Videos Video marketing tips

Make Money on Youtube by Uploading Your Video Tips on including your live clickable link back to your website from your youtube videos.

5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube NOW! Tips on posting videos to youtube and making some cash. Watch this with your horse business in mind and I bet you come up with some great ideas of your own.

How to get stinkin’ RICH on YouTube!!! Video posting tips – short videos, tag the videos right, allow video replies.

Best Way To Increase Website Conversions Again watch this video with your horse business in mind. What can you do to get people to want to return to your horse site again and again – maybe tell them you will be posting updated videos of the horses for sale as their training progresses.

How to learn to make video…

Stomper Vision – How web video will transform YOUR online business Watch the video case studies of how video improves sale conversations.

Make it easier for people to pay you

You can make it easier for people buying your horse to pay you by taking payments (or the purchase deposit) online through PayPal. You can add a buy-it-button under your video clip. I am seeing more off line businesses (like veterinarians) offering this payment option. I believe your horse buying clients would appreciate the convince too.

You can even set up payments over time with PayPal’s subscription payments.

When you make it easier for people to pay their bills you are more likely to see you money and faster too. PayPaloffers a fast, affordable and convenient online payment service for businesses of all sizes.

If you have had luck with selling horses with videos please leave a comment below and let us know about it. Thanks!

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  1. This is good. I too watched the videos of various horses posted on the site and started playing the game. This is so realistic that one can own,breed, train, jockey and even bet on horses. You can race your horse in major stake races or pre-built races and shared races.

  2. I own the flip ultra and I love it, however having to constantly charge the little battery’s gets annoying…

  3. I’m about to go to closing on a ranch in Colorado, so this is pretty useful to me. I’m going to be in the market for a couple horses in the next few months, hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sometimes the horse can be quite far from your location and the video can be a great tool to see if the horse would be of strong interest for your family in terms of size, spirit, height….

  5. I know it really helps when you can see the horse in action and get a nice close up. Sometimes the horse can be quite far from your location and the video can be a great tool to see if the horse would be of strong interest for your family in terms of size, spirit, height; cheers; gail slim
    at phentenin

  6. This is a great idea. Horses are obviously quite expensive to purchase and to care for. Being able to shop for horses on Youtube makes perfect sense. You can almost get to know a horse before spending the time traveling to where the horse is.

    I wonder what my great grandpa would think if I told him, hey you can watch videos of horses to purchase as pets on the internet.

    he would probably say, what are videos, and what is the internet ahaha.

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    Travel Blog

  7. I think everyone would like to see video of things they intend to purchase if available. It helps one decide if it’s worth the drive. So people should take the time to explore how to make high quality videos now that Youtube has an HQ feature. For us the amount of real tors using video has exploded and it makes it easier for us to distribute to our readers.
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  8. Hello Joni,

    Thank you very much for making me aware of this blog. I will strongly consider adding video productions to my metallic
    watercolor portrait service.

    btw. All my clients LOVE the logo you created for me and encourage visitors to your website to see what a great
    job you did.

  9. I was wondering how much do Professional Horse Videographers charge for a video or, what’s the price range?

  10. I suppose it could be used for any kind of sales really, maybe a car, not a run of the mill ford escort. But say you had like a one of a kind car, worth alot of money. If you were looking to sell it, it may be a good place to attract global interest.

    Interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Yes this is great it if you know horses you can see almost anything you would want to see about a horse before making your purchase.

  12. Yes, videos help people see and understand the horse’s form better and helps them get a feel for how the horse moves and acts while it is interacting with a person.

    Yes you would want to show the horse from different angels/sides and full body and head shots too.

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