The Path of the Horse Teleseminar Series


Horses are not just for Christmas. Or Riding? How one Woman’s Search for the Truth Heralds a New Dawn in Horse Consciousness

A new DVD and Teleseminar Series look at how we are treating horses today and discover that perhaps we are not as enlightened as we think we are. The truth is not always easy to accept but the result of one woman’s efforts challenge us to make a change.

Stormy May
Stormy May – Change is today’s buzz-word thanks to Barack Obama and when documentary film maker Stormy May took a long, hard look at today’s horse world, she found that it flatters to deceive and is itself a prime candidate for change. After years of training horses, giving riding lessons and judging competitions, she realized that she and many others had gone off course. What had happened to the beauty, majesty and freedom of horses she had dreamt of as a child? Disillusioned and in need of answers, she sold her ranch, packed her cameras and set out on a journey of self-discovery around the world to find the truth.

What she discovered was at times quite shocking. She realized that the abuse handed out daily to horses is openly allowed and even encouraged. Had the values of our society become so out of alignment that this sort of behavior is considered normal?

She knew there had to be better, more compassionate ways of handling horses. There had to be people out there trailblazing the way to a new era in horsemanship. What indeed could we learn from the horses themselves and their society?

On her journey to discover these answers, she met enlightened horse people:

The Teachers
The Teachers
  • Alexander Nevzorov from Russia – whose masterful work has led to the discovery of how to educate horses without bits, bridles or punishment
  • Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling – a German living in Denmark who teaches people to recognize the essential within themselves and the horses they work with
  • Linda Kohanov – a pioneer in equine assisted learning and therapy
  • Carolyn Resnick – a woman who learnt the equine code and found the secrets of acceptance into a herd of wild horses
  • Mark Rashid – a Colorado cowboy, popular author and clinician
  • Kim McElroy – visionary equine artist
  • Learn more about The Teachers of the The Path of the Horse Teleseminar Series.

The Path of the Horse DVD
The Path of the Horse DVD

The result is the documentary DVD “The Path of the Horse”, an expos√© of the horse world from an insider’s perspective, which has just been released to great acclaim. It is to the equine world what the blockbusting DVD “The Secret” is to metaphysics and self-development.

The Path of the Horse Teleseminar Series

January sees the start of the “The Path of the Horse Teleseminar Series“. Subtitled “Learn from today’s visionaries and teachers”, this series of 5 weekly, equine teleconference calls looks at the new paradigm in horsemanship and discusses the issues and solutions involved.

Never before have such noted horsemen and women from around the world been brought together. This is a rare opportunity for people to put their questions to today’s thought leaders and visionaries in the horse world. For more information, to sign up for the Series and to ask a question, visit: The Path of the Horse Teleseminar Series

“They’ve carried us around on their backs for centuries, waiting for us to notice that they aren’t here just to help us evolve in terms of mastering nature and moving around the planet. They’re actually waiting for us to get to the point where we’re ready to evolve to a higher level of consciousness and awareness.” Linda Kohanov

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Anna - Teacher
Anna - Teacher

For additional information on the DVD and Series or to schedule an interview with any of the speakers, please contact Mark Mottershead via email (see below). The DVD and MP3 recordings of The Path of the Horse Teleseminar Series can also be purchased from the website.

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