New electric car with “horse hoof” sound effects

The car is as cute as a toy pony and makes the sound of horse hooves on pavement to alert people. I love my electric golf cart and I do get the horse hoof sounds from my real ponies when they run besides it going down the gravel road to my mother’s pasture, but I would love to see this car put info action on America city streets. The U.S. really needs a good electric car to help with air and sound pollution and to cut the cost of travel due to the high cost of gasoline.

I love this car’s tiny size but then I am attracted to ponies. For many horse people that ride huge warmbloods and fat-butt quarterhorses this car may take some getting use to. At 41 miles per hour it is as fast as a thoroughbred horse galloping, but it is still too slow for most roads and can only be driven on side streets that have a slow speed limit. Not being a speed demon, that would suit me just fine and I love the quietness of electric vehicles.

The Girasole: An Electric Car That Warns With The Sound Of Horse Hooves!
by Justin Thomas, Virginia on 01.29.07

Elettrica EV makes London-to-Brighton Drive by Matthew Sparkes, London, UK on 07.30.07

So what are your thoughts on electric cars? Is it past time for them in the US or do you still love your gas guzzling money sapping machine? Does the fact that this car sounds like a horse stir your interest at all?