Horse events growing more popular

This year has been stellar for horse riding in the UK, especially with the success in equestrian events such as dressage at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Between them, Team GB amassed five medals in total, three of them gold. In fact, half of all the gold medals at the Games went to British riders, thus showing how dominant riders from that part of the world are. However, horse riding is thriving in many different countries as well, and its popularity is on the increase.

Aside from Olympic equestrian competition, attendances are growing at other major horse riding events. For the first time in a while, horse riding is starting to capture the public’s imagination, with increasing numbers looking to take it up as a hobby or with the aim of reaching the same standards achieved by successful Olympians from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Horse riding is becoming something that more people want to take up, but why should people do it?

A young rider at a horse show in Australia
A young rider at a horse show in Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people are buying horse riding equipment from Equestrian Clearance after deciding to do it for a variety of reasons, the main one being the excitement that comes with riding in the open countryside or on a challenging obstacle course. The thrill of jumping over a fence or careering down a steep hill with your horse is one that’s almost unrivalled by anything else experienced in any other sport. It can also be gentle, especially if you like the idea of trotting up and down hills, valleys and fields at a steady, sedate pace.

Once you put on your horse riding boots, you’re free to go wherever your horse takes you, and providing you’re wearing the right equipment, horse riding is also completely safe to do. whether you’re about to sit on the saddle for the first time or want to rekindle a childhood passion which you didn’t have time to follow up, horse riding can be exhilarating. Taking in the country air while the wind blows through your hair, knowing that you’re doing something that you may have thought difficult beforehand will be extremely satisfying.

If you’ve never tried it before, but worry about safety issues and how expensive you may think it is, you have nothing to fear. Horse riding is more affordable now than it was before, and by having the correct safety equipment, if you’re unfortunate enough to fall off your horse, you won’t become seriously injured, meaning you can back on the horse and continue riding. People from different, less privileged backgrounds are starting to take it up, some of them with great success.

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