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Marketing your horse business with Magalogs

What’s a Magalog?

Here is a sample magalog that explains why you might want to consider creating one to help market your business…

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Successful Magalog Marketing – The Magalog Guy

People want to make the right decision when they purchase something and with money tight a lot of people are being extra careful about their purchases. Are you giving people all the info they need and desire to feel comfortable enough to buy from you? A lot of people post business cards up in feed stores and other places, but come on — how much selling can a tiny card do? A brochure is good, but is it giving the readers all they need to make a buying decision for a costly horse, product, or service?

Longer sales copy done right might be the answer to increasing your sales. The Magalog sample above has some good marketing tips in it even if you decide that one isn’t for you right now. Also take the time to note the way that it is designed — how the text and images are placed and work together. Most young and/or small horse businesses have sales material that is lacking in professional design and clarity of sales massage. Start taking notice of what the most successful horse businesses are doing in way of their advertisements — online and off.

By the way, make sure you are happy with your horse logo design before spending the time and money on creating your marketing items.

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  1. Thanks for including my magalog on your blog, Joni. I’m honored that you would do that.

    Looking around your site, I can see your passion not only for horses, but helping other folks in horse world.

    Keep up the great work!

    The Magalog Guy

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