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An Equine Book ONE DAY EVENT for November 15th, 2007!

Nancy Bailey’s inspirational and captivating horse book, “Clifford of Drummond Island,” tells the true story of a horse with a sense of humor. The crooked-legged runt colt came into her life after the demise of the “perfect horse”. The adventures that followed with the inimitable Clifford, his dog friends, wild birds and animals led to this modern day classic.

Horse Book Clifford of Drummond Island

You already have a copy of the book? That’s great, so do I, but am still planning to participate in this special event because…

Nancy wants to make “Clifford” a nationwide BEST SELLER on So, she’s making this very special offer. . . Purchase another one for family or friends for only $14.95 USD on November 15th and Nancy’s going to give you over $350.00 in bonus items! PLUS, for this day’s sales event, a portion of the profits will benefit participating animal organizations. So, feel free to order several copies for your family and friends. Or do what I plan to do with my extra book and donate it to one of my favorite horse rescue organizations!

But, this special event last only 24 hours for the day of November 15th! So be sure to tell everyone you know about it.

Here’s is a sampling of the wonderful bonus items…

  • 20 Dog Treat Recipes
  • Free edition of Horses For Life Magazine
  • Free Teleseminar: “Benefits of Equine Acupressure”
  • Free Ebook: “Finding the Clickable Moments” by Dolores Artse
  • Free Ebook: “25 Ways to Raise a Great Puppy”
  • Free Discount from Horse Flicks on a TV episode about your horse.
  • Free Horse Desktop Wallpaper Image
  • And so much more.

Horse Desktop Wallpaper Gift

Visit our for all the details of your bonus package.

I love Nancy’s books and wish her the best on this event, besides I love free gifts. By the way, if you end up with an extra book please consider donating it to Adopt A Foal…

Adopt A Foal

Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc. is a Volunteer Organization dedicated to reducing the suffering and senseless slaughter of orphaned foals and neglected equine in the United States. Please check out the horses up for adoption.

November 15 th is the day, is the place, and “Clifford of Drummond Island” by Nancy Bailey is the book!


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