Clifford of Drummond Island is a splendid horse book written by Nancy J. Bailey.

I cannot remember a time that a book had me crying in the first chapter. If a book can stir my emotions to tears at all I brand it a winner. Isn’t that why we read — to be inspired, tantalized, and whisked away on an adventure beyond our daily routines?

Book excerpt…

…years of dreaming; of countless horse drawings, paintings; dreams of velvet skin stretching over bone and sinew and muscle; of riding like a prairie fire with the wind in my face…

A multitude of girls have had their hearts stroked by just such dreams. Some go on to create their horse dreams and others push them down to smolder awaiting time when they can relive these dreams — if only through equine writings and art.

This book is a true story about a Morgan horse with a bit of a quirky attitude. At the customer reviews for this book averaged five stars. Nancy has very graciously posted the first two chapters of her book on her website where you can read them and then click through to order the book.

I am writing this today based on reading just the first two chapters of “Clifford of Drummond Island”; imagine the praise I will gush forth with when I have read the whole book!

Meet Nancy and Clifford in this horse video

After you trot along with her first book I think you will want to gallop on to the sequel, “Return to Manitou”. Nancy has posted the first chapter online for you to read.

Here is what one reader wrote:

“If you have ever had the honor and pleasure of an extra special, once in a lifetime animal companion you will revel in this wonderful story. And if you haven’t, just read Ms. Bailey’s book and hope to be so blessed one day.”

– A Reader

About the author Nancy J. Bailey

Nancy, is an amazing women of many talents among them – artist, photographer, book and play writer, animal trainer, and breeder of champion animals. In a world were too many people spend a lifetime searching for their true passion it looks like Nancy was given many.

Horse Business Marketing Tips:

As I said, people read to be inspired, tantalized, and whisked away on an adventure beyond their daily routines. These are same reasons people are attracted to horse activities. If you can show people how your equine business can evoke the emotions people desire then you will make sales. People are not into horses because of dry logical reasons, but emotional ones — how it makes them FEEL, and that is the way to motive them to take action and buy from you.

Some of the best copywriters talk about the importance of being able to tell a good story to draw people in and hold their interest. Well the best way to improve at story telling is to read good stories. So here is a case where you can indulge yourself in a good horse book and be learning to write better sales copy at the same time! See you can mix business with pleasure!

Also note that people like videos; look how many hours most of us spend watching TV! So posting entertaining videos on and other video sites help lead people back to your website.

If you have read any Nancy’s books I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment too on how good storytelling copy writing has helped your business. Thanks!


  1. I’ve read both of Nancy’s books and literally couldn’t put them down once started, had to find out the next adventure in the next chapter! I’ve also commisioned Nancy to paint a portrait of my beloved GSD’s who’ve crossed the Angel Bridge, and she captured their spirits oh so well.


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