Centaur Studio 4 Dryer for Horse Blankets

Musty moldy damp horse blankets and equine rugs can be a thing of the past.

Everyone, from famous equine universities to respected horse journals and magazines, have weighed in on the question whether to blanket or not to blanket. Conclusively agreeing blankets are necessary under certain criteria. A dry warm horse has a better chance of staying healthy period. A dry horse blanket can help keep your horse comfortable and healthy.

The weather has been powerful, strong and unpredictable over the last few years.  Horses in the wild seek rocky overhangs, dense brush and trees for protection. Farm horses need shelter from the wind, moisture and cold, using blankets, sheds and buildings as protection. Blizzards, snow showers, sleet, freezing rain and rain showers are all very difficult on horses as noted by Marcia Hathaway PhD.

Typically, in winter the horse’s coat thickens and the pilo erector muscles make the coat’s hair form tents absorbing heat from the sun and trapping it providing an insulation barrier from the cold. When Nature adds wind the situation gets dicey; (“When to Blanket your Horse- Horse and Rider Oct 2000 by Melissa Hower-Moritz PhD) separating the hairs and breaking the seal, which greatly reduces body heat.  Adding moisture of any kind to this scenario produces wet hair that dissipates the heat swiftly away from the horse. Plastered wet hair close to the skin nullifies any insulation. A body cut horse needs heavier blankets more readily and shelter in inclement weather.

Horse blankets are not cheap. Decisions need to be made about how many, what kind and what type.  Most horses rotate 3 depending on the weather, a light blanket, a sheet for daytime and a heavier blanket with waterproofing, for turn out in the colder/wet months.

Horse Blanket Care

A wet damp blanket will get a horse cold very quickly.  If he/she rolls in the mud with the blanket, what will they wear while you wash and dry them?  Also, now you have to pay good money to have them laundered ($20) or you could clean them yourself, with your home washer/dryer.  This now becomes a costly endeavor of time, money and equipment repairs (?) to your home washer and dryer.  Hanging horse blankets over your kitchen chairs, family room couch or over fence and stall rails takes days to get them completely dry and isn’t convenient. Time finding someone who does horse blankets on the internet, arrange to have them picked up and bought back takes days.  What will your horses wear in the meantime?

Most Laundromats won’t let you wash horse blankets at their facilities. Commercial dryer temperatures are so HOT they ruin the synthetic threads and fibers, the lining shrinks and burns off the waterproofing and soaps can be harsh on the blankets. That ‘amounts’ to paying for RE-WATERPROOFING ($15), repairs ($15) or worse yet buying a new blanket (75-$200) too often.  Centaur Calculator sheet master

Centaur Studio 4 Dryer for Horse Blankets
Centaur Studio 4 Dryer for Horse Blankets
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Centaur Heated Horse Blankets Dryer: clean, rinse and dry your blankets on the unit.

Gentle radiant heat completely dries your blankets extending the life of the threads, its lining and the waterproof coating right in your own barn, tack room or garage using standard 110 power.  (USA made – 2, 4, and 6 bar units available.)

Warm and comforting to your horses and saves you money.  DRY any number of blankets 2, 4 or 6 soaking wet blankets in 3-4 hours or a damp blanket in 2 hours.

Discover your savings using our calculator @ www.horseblanketdriers.us. Or use the attached worksheet. An example with 15 horses, 3 blankets each saved over $17,000 after paying for a 4-rail Centaur dryer unit.

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Learn more about horses: 2002 Minnesota 4-H Horsemanship and Horse Training Manual – horsemanship-manual.pdf