horse head in glass

Horse paintings boldly painted in brilliant colors

Marcia Baldwin’s Horse Paintings is so exciting to view and touches my heart as it captures the wild spirit of the horse in juicy large oil paintings.

I am in love with color and with horses so I just delight in how Marcia combines my two loves into one art form with so much life and emotion. And I can indulge myself with her horse candy for hours on end – she has 121 pages of horse art on her site and is contently creating more! She sells her art from her site as well as on ebay.

“Color, depth, harmony, rhythm, pattern, and unity… all things I explore as I paint.”
Marcia Baldwin

Horse Pictures for Equestrian Decor

Marcia Baldwin Horse paintings…

Marcia Baldwin - Artist - Creates colorful equine paintings

Her art horse paintings range in style from Realistic to Impressionism and Abstract. I don’t now if it is possible for me to choose a favorite painting – I love so many of them.

Horse business marketing tips

Marcia Baldwin is doing a lot of things right for her business. She has a website, a blog, sells in her ebay story . She also made image slide shows to add to her ebay product listings that show off sold horse art. UPDATE: which she used to make her slide shows has now closed 🙁 so the lovely slide shows are no more.)But I am sure there are still other places where you can create nice slideshows of your business images — horses, horse products, etc.

You can do most of this too for your horse business. Do you have a website? What about a blog? Any products you can sell or give away on ebay? Yes, give away, think of these gifts as ways to lead people back to your website.

Make and post your own slide shows or videos to add to your site and blog and let others advertise for you by embedding them on their site just like I had done with Marcia Baldwin’s slideshow. She didn’t even have to ask me. I just love to share wonderful horse art and she made it easy for me to do with embedable media.

You don’t have to be an horse artist to make image slide shows. Slide show would would be great for horse farms with horses for sale, riding stables showing off their riding areas and riding trails, and horse trainers showing off trained horses working calmly through riding workouts or trail obstacles. Use your imagination – keeping in mind they should have  entertainment value.

Did you know that youtube gets twice the page views as google? Don’t you miss out here – put up some videos about your horse business!