Horse Advertising Network Announces New Support Blog

Guest post by Cheryl Erpelding of The Horse Advertising Network (HADN)

The Horse Advertising Network (HADN) has created a blog – Tips-Tactics – Horse Business Marketing. The goal for the HADN Blog – is to provide support for all your horse business operations, internet marketing and advertising efforts for your products and services aimed at reaching horse enthusiasts.

Our blog is meant to not only provide you with business and marketing tips and tactics for your online business, but to also stimulate comments, questions and submission of problems (opportunities) you are looking for solutions to.  Response and support will not only come from the Horse Advertising Network staff but also your peers throughout the Horse Industry. One of our goals is to have this blog become a community of various people in the Horse Industry where you can come to not only get your questions answered, but for you to also provide solutions you have found to topics we may be covering in support of other participants inquires.

We invite you to check it, add your comments, and make suggestions on what you would like to see us address.

This being a new blog, HADN is seeking contributing authors, sponsors and support members along with linking to other blogs to help support setting up a group that can provide added support to what we are offering. If you are interested click here to email me Cheryl and let me know what your interests are.

Best Regards,

Cheryl Erpelding
Sales Manager Calif. Riding Magazine and Calif. Horseman’s Directory
Sales Manager Horse Advertising Network
Past President American Horse Publications

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