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Great gift idea for your horse and music loving friends and family

Mary Ann Kennedy just sent me an email about her two new songs and a special CD sale. I have both of Mary Ann’s music CDs, Hoofbeats, Heartbeats and Wingsand The Trail Less Traveled and love them both equally. Her songs really go straight to my heart. I love songs about horses and to find CDs with more than one horse song on them is a total delight.

When a singer is passionate about horses and music she cannot help but make music that moves people.

Mary Ann Kennedy Horse Songs

Dear Kindred Spirits,

WOW, has this year flown by for you all..or is it just me!? I know getting a bit more mature (ah humm) they say the time flies. Could that possibly be it?

I think it is also when you are living your truth, having a blast and sharing with folks on the same path…it happens…time does fly when you are having FUN! I have had a fruitful year full of making great music once again with the stellar Emmylou Harris, (and with my dear friend and cohort, Pam Rose) as well as writing my 3rd upcoming CD AND a 4th music CD.

Because of time issues, more horses and responsibilities, I delayed the release until 2008.
I did, however, finish 2 new cuts, debuted them at the Parelli Savvy Conference in September.

The 2 new cuts are available on and through my web site for digital download NOW! Check em out. Hope ya like em.

Horse lovers #3 CD “THE RHYTHM OF THE RIDE” will be forthcoming, as well as a CD focusing on our LOVE OF DOGS – and of course, Barn Cats 🙂

Once again, Thank You for your continued appreciation of my music that celebrates how we ALL love our beloved creature companions. Hope this Christmas and Holiday Season finds you all healthy and happily “Horsin’ Around” as much as possible.

Happiest of Trails to you and yours!

Mary Ann

David Lichman of posted this video on youtube. Song is “Spirit Horse” by Mary Ann Kennedy. The video is a showing of liberty and brideless riding inspired by Mary Ann Kennedy’s music.

I bought my two music CDs last year during this sale…


Buy more than one copy of Hoofbeats, Heartbeats and Wings CD or buy more than one copy of The Trail Less Traveled CD and get a quantity-discount of 30%!! This offer is only valid using our online retailer, Offer ends on December 31, 2007.

To order CDs, please visit Mary Ann’s store page at: or go to

** A percentage of all proceeds will go to “Friends of Sound Horses” (FOSH) to help stop the abuse in the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry and to other animal rescue organizations.

Remember to support your local rescues, shelters and humane associations this blessed season. we all need to help those creatures who can’t help themselves. If you buy two of the same CD you could donate one to your local rescue.

I love it when people care enough to share! Thank you Mary Ann!

I discovered Mary Ann Kennedy’s music while watching a Parelli horse show on RFDTV. They were playing one of her songs while training the horses and I was hooked! As soon as the show was over I got on the Internet, did a search, and found her website. She is so creative and writes her own songs. If you haven’t heard of Mary Ann before you really need to go listen to a few of the song samples.

Music about horses really gets me smiling and happy and that is actually good for my brain. Well I going to go listen to her CDs again now! Please leave a comment about how good music and songs make you feel.

P.S. I don’t make any money off her CD sales. I am just in love with her music and think you should see if you like it too.


  1. Mary Ann Kennedy is wonderful, generous and a fantastic musician. She has allowed me to use her great song “Gotta Go Feed” for a freestyle routine I created using miniature horses instead of dogs.

    “Gotta Go Feed The Horses” video (song by Mary Ann Kennedy)

    Be sure to check out her CD’s and if you’d like to see the routine you can find it on my website
    or Youtube

    Peggy Hogan

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