March, 2006 Issue #6 Horse Business eZine – Joni Solis, Editor

So many horse business people are willing to give their horses the best in supplements to insure their growth and long term health, but make little effort to learn more about business growth and long term health.

Have you ever saddled your horse for a short two mile trail ride but ended up on the trail ride though hell and didn’t arrive home till late soaked and tattered?

Well that is what this past month has been like; riding a full-out bolting horse that is zigzagging through the middle of a tangled swamp forest.

Have your ever started down a firm-ground sunlit trail with a smile on your face and your plans firmly set in your mind? You think you know where you’re going and what the terrain will be like. Your horse is trotting along in good spirits going neither too fast or nor too slow and the rhythmic motion lulls you into a peaceful bliss. Then life smiles its crooked smile and tangles all your plans as it has a way of doing.

I bet you have experienced times like this when your life plans acts like a spooked horse and heads for parts unknown. For some of us this happens a little too often and maybe it is a wakeup call letting us know that changes are needed.

Well I have decided that changes are needed in my life as well and I have made the hard decision to increase my design fees in hopes of gaining a few more precious moments per week to spend with my ponies and family. I am a one person business and there are only so many hours per day.

Did you know that more businesses fail because they grow too fast than fail because they grow too slow?

You may be feeling that your business is growing too slow. Learning more about growing your business will improve your ability to handle its growth no matter what its pattern. So take the time to learn more.

Internet articles on business growth…

  • Small Business Growth: Danger of Growing Too Quickly. Determine whether your company is on a course leading to disaster. Here are some tell-tale signs that your company is…
  • Growth, Bullfrogs, and Small Businesses by Leanne C. McGrath of University of South Carolina Aiken (PDF file)
  • Expanding Your Business (Bookmark this one! It has a large collection of many articles that will help your business growth!)

Your business growing too slowly?

If you are considering expanding what your company offers in the way of services or products in order to grow faster please read this article first…

Grow More by Selling Less Reducing the number of items in your product or service mix can stimulate sales and increase profitability. June 24, 2002 By David Meier,4621,301046,00.html


Tip: Plan time to do weekly Internet research for marketing info. You can never have enough knowledge.

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