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Advertise your horse business with full color brochures

First I want to tell you about a great printing deal and then I will give you some tips on designing your tri-fold brochures.

Full color printing

I received an email about a printing sale going on for full color brochures. Well you know that I always say – check around first. So I rushed off an email to Fred at Color Printing Pros to see if this sale was really a good deal.

He informed me that his regular prices are better than this sale and he is still offering an extra 10% off for any new customers. He also mailed me some gorgeous print samples so I could see the high quality printing and paper stock. Now I can see and feel the difference between 100 LB book weight and 100 LB cover weight paper stock. The cover weight is thicker and stiffer, like a photo greeting card and the book weight is the thickness of the inside sheets of a high priced coffee table book – like Robert Vavra’s horse photo books.

So if you are considering ordering full color brochures for the upcoming horse shows, trade shows, and horse expos (and you should), then check out Color Printing Pros. Don’t whine about sales if you do not advertise!

Remember their Gloss aqueous coating is free and included on all jobs printed on 100Lb book and cover weight stock. This makes the finished printing even glossier looking and helps make the colors POP!

Research shows that people respond more positively to full color promotional brochures and that they remember the sales points longer.

Do not forget to use their ‘free file review‘ to make sure your design will print out nice and I would get their print samples too to look over.

Twice the Advertising Space

Trifold brochures has twice the ad space of a front printed flyer so you can post more of your product or service’s benefits. Remember that it is these BENEFITS that make the sale. Coupons in the brochure are a good idea too. Consider adding a map too so people can find you with ease.

A well designed full color brochure makes a very cost effective sales and marketing tool and a three panel brochures can cost less than $ .07 each (in large quantities). They are of great value for creating new customers and reinforcing old ones.

Need design and production services, Color Printing Pros can provide that as well.

SAVE 10% on your first Color Printing Pros order! Don’t forget to use the discount code: L4H0807 in order to get your 10% DISCOUNT. Color Printing Pros

You can call them toll free at 800.598.1841 or email sales @ colorprintingpros . com (remove the spaces) with questions, concerns or ideas and you will speak with a person you can trust for the correct information you need.

P.S. It is not too early to plan your holiday ads and greeting cards. The 100 LB cover weight folded in half would make great looking cards to send out. Put your logo on the back and a great image of your horses or product on the front with a little seasonal touch of ribbons, snow, etc… Visit my horse ecard site to get card ideas.

Color Printing Pros also prints heavy weight post cards that you can send out as greeting cards. Don’t forget to use the discount code: L4H0807 in order to get your 10% DISCOUNT.


OK, now on to the tips to help make your brochure a real winner…

Design Tips for your Trifold Brochure

The trifold is very popular because it can be mailed in a standard #10 envelope. But it really folded only twice which creates three panels on each side.

Front Cover

The front cover is very important. It needs to be visually appealing and provide enough text to cause someone to pick it up and open it. It could be as simple as your logo, company name, and company tagline. Or you can add a photo that shows a benefit with a few bullet points with more benefits. BUT don’t clutter it up with too much. It has to be appealing in looks.

Sales Copy

When preparing your text, keep it short, sweet, and focused on that the reader wants to know, namely ‘what is in this for me!’ You want your reader to be able to grasp the main benefits easily by reading the headlines and the subtitles.

Make your brochure easy to read with text of a decent size and some white space. If is filled with tiny dense text the reader may decide that it is too much work to read and toss it. It has to look EASY to read or it will not get read and if they don’t read it there is no hope to make a sale.

  • Use headings and subheadings to group ideas and lead you reader into the sales copy.
  • ALL CAPS GET lower response, so use use upper and lower case.
  • Avoid using reverse text, test show that many readers overlook reverse text.
  • Use boldface type sparingly to emphasize key points or headlines.
  • Increased leading (space between text lines) improves readability
  • Write like you are directly speaking to your potential customer. “We help you to‚Ķ”
  • Avoid industry jargon. It is best to use clear language that everyone can understand.

Twelve of the most powerful words…

You, Money, Save, New, Easy, Love, Discovery, Results, Health, Proven, Guarantee, and Free

Inside Front Panel

This is your most important panel. Summarize why the customer should choose you and consider adding glowing testimonial or two.

Second and Third Inside Panels

List of your products and/or services. Keep the copy short and let people know that detailed info is on your website, in sales sheets, or by phone.

Write about your competitive advantages. Why is it a good idea for the person reading to go with you over one of your competitors? You may sell the same breed of horses as your competitor, so why should they buy yours?

Let the reader know a little about your customer service or how you work with your clients. Customers like to know what the process is.

Call for Action

Reminder your reader to visit your web site or blog for detailed information and the latest news about upcoming events or sales.

Back Cover Panels

Keep the back cover for your contact information and maybe a map or events calendar. Some small businesses just list their phone/fax numbers and their website address. But if you welcome drop-ins then add your physical address too.

Test It

Ask a few people that know nothing about your business to read your brochure and rate it.


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