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Why have inbound links? Well in a word: traffic.

The more incoming links or one way links pointing to your website the better you will place in some search engines like Google, which leads to more people finding and visiting your site. Also you will receive direct traffic from the sites displaying your links. Hopefully if your site is set up right some of this added traffic will lead to higher sales and business profits!

Think of the links as ads and you know that having more ads displayed in more places can only improve your chances of building a successful horse business.

How to get links?

Ask and Given: You can solicit links and you can be given links.

I get people all the time asking me to put a link to their site on my site. It never hurts to ask, but it really helps if you ask in the right way. I will talk on that subject a little farther down.

You can also gain links from people that enjoyed your site and information and post a link back to your site unasked. The more interesting and informative your site the better your chance at gaining unsolicited links. So keep adding great content to your site on a regular basis. Content like, informational articles, photos, event calendars, free stuff, timely news, show results, and videos. For more info on unsolicited links and how can you get more of them check out: Effective strategies to generate incoming links (See I just gave that site a link because its info adds value for my readers – you.)

Ask Who?

First of all you should decide on where you want your links displayed. Horse business owners will want to display links on sites where horse people gather. There are a ton of equine sites with new one being foaled each day and they range widely in subject matter related to horses. You don’t have the time to go after them all so you want to choose the top sites that would be best for your horse business.

Making a list and checking it twice

If you are selling nail-on horseshoes you might want to cross off sites that specialize in information and products for barefoot horses, because you might not get to many clicks from your links on these sites. You probably will not get your competition wanting to display your links on their sites, so don’t add them to your list either. But web site about horse hooves and general horse sites might be the right spots for your links.

If you are selling products for Quarter horses or Arabian horses you would want to search for sites devoted to that breed and put these sites at the top of your list of places to contact. Do some serious trotting around the Internet and discover the best horse sites where the readers would be the most open to your product or service.

Horse Directories

There are a lot of equine directory sites and horse classified sites to consider. Many will post an ad and link to your site for free or low cost.

Don’t over look horse blogs

Blogging is growing by leaps and bounds and many more people are now blogging about horses. Horse related blogs are a GREAT place to consider for your links as active blogs show up in the search engines more than stagnate websites. Of course they range as widely as websites in their subject matter so you will have to do some work to figure out the best ones for your business. With blogs you can contact the owners about adding your link or get your link posted in the comments you leave after reading a posting. Don’t be shy, many bloggers want comments that add to their postings.

Equine elated forums

Contribute help and tips to others at online discussion forums. Many forums allow you to add a signature file with your site link at the bottom of the post.

Do’s and Dont’s of Asking for a Link

Do be polite and check out the site first. Get to know the content — the articles, information, and ads they display and how your business would fit in.

Add Value

Many sites welcome information in-line with their readers interest and which would add to their knowledge base. Consider writing articles with a link to your site posted at the bottom. In the horse directory sites and equine classified ads you can lead more people to your site with info give-aways, like e-reports, e-books, e-courses, and e-newsletters.

In the horse blogs read the articles that best fit with your equine business and add your thoughts in the comments. Remember to be polite even if you disagree with the posted article. Tell the readers about benefits they can gain and they will be more likely to want to visit your site for more info. Some blog comments don’t allow active links but you can post your company name and/or site address with a spaces, like this: Fit Right Saddles . com. Don’t just post comments that sound like a boastful ad – this can turn people off. It is not all about you; add something constructive to the posting that would help the reader; yep, it is all about them. The more that you can make them feel that way the more likely they will be to click and check out your site.


Incoming links can boost your search engine rankings and site traffic. So search, list, contact, comment, and post your URL!

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Please leave a comment about how you get people to visit your website.


  1. I have used search engines to check how my site ranks compared to my competition, this also supplies me with directories that display my competition’s web address. I then submit my information on those directories.

  2. Great idea, ask for links and return the favor. A suggestion would be to include the link on your site first, before you ask so you can show that you’re true to your word. It sometimes help lean the linking back in your favor.

    Don’t forget that you can also get links to your company site by visiting forums and leaving comments with your url as a tagline.

    And then of course, as mentioned by the other commenter, there is “article marketing”. Basically you write an article for free, distribute it to article marketing directories, and include a byline. The byline includes a short ad about your company with your url.

  3. Good tips. I would also add such link building strategies like directory submission and article submission. Those methods can be completely free. There are a lot of free web directories that will list the site. This can be easily done with the use of a directory submission tool.

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