FREE! Equine Learning Teleseminars beginning March 2

Your not going to want to miss these five free calls where you can learn more about horse health and horse training. Your education on horses never has to end when there is so much to learn. This is an equine learning opportunity that should not be missed.

  1. March 2: Equine Problem Solving
  2. March 9: No Hoof – No Horse: Basic Hoofcare
  3. March 16: Homeopathy for the Horse
  4. March 23: Clicker Training for the Horse with Leslie Pavlich
  5. March 30: Saddle Fitting with Joanne Miller

To learn more and visit All seminars at 8 pm Eastern Time.

Register for FREE! Simply email to: caballus (at) charter . net (remove spaces and replace (at) with @) with the Subject Header reading: FREE TELESEMINAR!

A couple of these horse courses have been requested for/are under review by members of the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants as well as were approved for full credits for a student at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA in 2006.

The Horse Care & Management course is based on a course by Gwenyth Santagate written in 1993 and sanctioned and approved by the Florida County Extension Equine Division as well as the Lee County 4-H. It has been edited to keep up with changes that have occurred over the years with regard to health care and general husbandry (and also to add material with regard to Alternative and Complementary Medicine Health Care).

Gwenyth Santagate is a published author of numerous articles that have been printed in several major Equine Publications as well as a contributory author to the United States Mounter Border Patrol Training Manual of 2001. Gwen has over 40 years of experience with horses; Have been training horses for 38 years — instructor since the 1980’s.

More of Gwenyth Santagate’s credentials can be found at as well as a general view of her beliefs and principles with regard to horses and horsemanship.

The other horse course instructorshave varying degrees of certification and affiliations. You can view that info at under the Course Listings.

These free equine teleseminars are put on by Horse Courses owned by Gwenyth Santagate. Gwen is also the owner of PENZANCE Equine Solutions and Bare Foot Trim. The Meaning of the name PENZANCE: “God’s Holy Headland; A place for spiritual growth”.

Please view these videos to learn a little more about Gwenyth Santagate and how she works with horses…

Youtube video: Training Natural Horses: Working with the Spooky Horse

Insight into the way horses think and how to work and play with them … naturally!

Youtube video: Beyond Round Pen

Displays the “herding” that exponetially decreases the time spent in traditional round pen “driving”.

What people are saying about Gwen’s classes…

I am SO impressed with Gwen’s classes. I have learned so much in such a little time! I want to glean as much as I can, as Gwen is very knowledgeable about her subjects and is so down to earth. THEY WORK!!
— Crystal, OK

“Writing that book was so hard. I can’t believe it is finally done. … I always say Gwenyth Santagate is how I got started. Your wisdom slowed me down and allowed me to get rid of my bad habits. The support I was given by you made the real difference and allowed me to look at the horse differently so I could find a New World that I never knew before. So I Thank You.
–Leslie Pavlich, Author of “Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse”