horse books has free horse books that you can read online or download

I typed in ‘horses’ in their search box for ‘texts’ and received 230 results! My goodness I found a huge range of equine books. From horse training books, horse health books, horse diseases, equine veterinary books, horse management, horse story books, horse poetry, equine feeding, horse farrier books, horse history, horse tack, horse jumping, horse taming books, Calvary, and more! Many of the books are illustrated with horse graphics and horse pictures. This is a great book collection that all equestrians should find useful.

Short quote and illustration from the book: “The handbook of horsemanship

Horse Art from Equine Book

THE Horse is an animal of great spirit and strength, very docile, delicate, and sensitive; therefore harsh treatment is not only unnecessary, but injurious. Habit forms the disposition of the horse, and guides his instinct; gentle treatment encourages and divests him of fear, a feeling which is often mistaken for obstinacy, and called restiveness. If you can convince a horse that he is not in danger, he will obey, and his memory being very retentive, instruction always succeeds with him, by a kind and persevering repetition of the discipline required to inure him to whatever he is to perform.

The archived books come in different file formats some you can view right on the Internet or you can download and print the PDF version. I love the Flip Book format that you view over the Internet and the pages flip just like a real book. But if you are on a slow Internet connection you may want to read the text version of the books.

P.S. seems a busy site so if you have connection problems try again when not as many people are trotting around the site – like late a night or first thing in the morning.

If you want to find even more Free Books you will want to check out this web page for a TON of links to other free book sites!

Horse poem from the book, Songs of horses by Robert Frothingham…


When my feet is in the stirrups
And my hawse is on the bust,
With his hoofs a-flashin’ lightnin’
From a cloud of golden dust,
And the bawlin’ of the cattle
Is a-comin’ down the wind —
Then a finer life than ridin’
Would be mighty hard to find.

Just a-ridin’, a-ridin’ —
Splittin’ long cracks through the air,
Stirrin’ up a baby cyclone,
Rippin’ up the prickly pear —
As I’m ridin’.

I don’t need no art exhibits
When the sunset does her best,
Paintin’ everlastin’ glory
On the mountains to the west,
And your opery looks foolish
When the night-bird starts his tune
And the desert ‘s silver mounted
By the touches of the moon.

Just a-ridin’, a-ridin’ —
Who kin envy kings and czars
. When the coyotes down the valley
Are a-singin’ to the stars —
If he’s ridin’?

When my earthly trail is ended
And my final bacon curled
And the last great roundup J s finished
At the Home Ranch of the world
I don’t want no harps nor haloes,
Robes nor other dressed up things —
Let me ride the starry ranges
On a pinto hawse with wings!

Just a-ridin’, a-ridin’ —
Nothin’ I’d like half so well
As a-roundin’ up the sinners
That have wandered out of Hell,
And a-ridin’.

– by Badger Clark

Yep, heaven on earth – to just be a-ridin’.

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