Free equine nutritional seminar Saturday November 12

Message from: Cada McCoy: Just wanted to extend a rather last-minute invitation to those in the Charleston, SC, area or anyone planning to visit the area this weekend (or might be looking for a good excuse for a mini-vacation to a beautiful part of the country! :-).

I am co-hosting a free equine nutritional seminar on Saturday, November 12, featuring Stance Equine founder and nutritional biochemist, Dr. Tim Kempton. Dr. Kempton was responsible for introducing copra (coconut meal) to the Australia’s livestock world some 20 years ago. Copra’s nutritional benefits proved so remarkable, it was adopted by horse owners there and in Europe who were looking for naturally clean, low NSC equine feed. It is now available in the US, first introduced a few years ago on the West Coast and, most recently, on the East Coast.

This seminar was initially planned for folks in our local vicinity who are using (with huge success) CoolStance and want more information about it. However, the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response necessitated that we move our gathering to a larger facility, so now we have space for even more attendees.

Beginning at 10:00, Dr. Kempton will present a morning educational session exploring topics on general equine nutritional requirements and nutritional partitioning, digestive conditions, including acidosis, dysbiosis and ulcers, and other metabolic-triggered issues such as laminitis, obesity, gait problems, behavior and tying up. Feed balancing is also on the agenda.

Lunch and a question-and-answer session will follow for those who can stay after Dr. Kempton’s morning program. Registration is required so we have a head count for lunch, so please contact me off-list or RSVP to Robin Brown at email maynevent @ or 843-832-9613. We can send you directions and details at that time.

Several local barefoot trimmers will be attending since they are seeing such positive responses to copra feeding from many of their clients’ horses, so thought this seminar might be of special interest to members of this group, in particular.

You’ll find more information about Stance Equine, Dr. Kempton and the topics that will be addressed in the workshop on Saturday at

If you’re interested in equine nutrition discussions, especially with a somewhat non-traditional, environmental “flavor”, please join our group conversation at

Hope to see you there and at the seminar on Saturday!

Message from: Cada McCoy

Email: mtmccoy @ bellsouth. net (remove spaces)

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