Are your sales words focusing on the right person?

But before I get to the main article I want to give you a few good tips…

Are you still stuck with a slow dial up Internet connection?

If you live in the country like me dial up may be all that is available. My connection speed averaged about 24 kbs, and Let me tell you that is S—L—O—W! Well a little blue card showed up in my mail about high speed internet through a satellite — like satellite TV.

I had them install it on Saturday and I am already in love! Now my connection speed is galloping instead of stumbling along and this speed increase means a huge decrease in the amount of time it takes for web pages, zip files, videos, and audios files to upload/download. Now I can visit and watch horse training video clips. Yea!

I was also able to call the phone company and drop the cost of the second phone line and cancel the two dial up Internet services I had. I am saving money and have a faster Internet; I am smiling! In case you are wondering, I signed up with Wild Blue

I am hoping this will motivate you enough to check and see if can get Internet satellite service in your area. I hope to have you smiling soon too.

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Quick Tip: make shorter links to post in your emails so they don’t get broken due to word wrapping. How? I use Snip Url It is a free service. Short links also fit in forums and comment areas easier. You can also put these short links in your print ads or help a long URL fit on a business card.

OK, informational snip-its over, now on to the main feature…

Is your sales copy focusing on the right person?

The weak link I see for many companies is there sales copy or lack there of. Over and over I see people trying to sell a horse or a horse product with only one line of info. Now I can see understand this when you are paying for each word like with a news paper classified ad, but I see ad after ad online with only one or two sentences of description. Come on would even consider buying a product knowing so little about it?

You need to spend more time writing, yes, horrors WRITING. But just a bunch of words will not make sales either. You have to give people the info they need in a way they can understand it and in a way that shows them what is in it for them. The focus has to be on the customer, not just on you and your product.

Yes, this is work and it looks like most people are too afraid of doing it wrong that they don’t do it at all. Well you will only get better at it with practice so the sooner you start the better.

I found a Customer Focus Calculator – a We We Monitor. You can run your web page through it or your sales copy for your business brochure.

It also has a great article to read ‘It’s the Customer, Stupid’

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