Announcing “Snaps” a new foal at Adopt A Foal

Baby horse born at horse rescue and is up for adoption with his mother, a mare named, “Ginger”. Yes, Ginger’s Snaps, a play on words. And yes indeed you can find beautiful foals in horse rescues, so consider the adoption option when you want to add another horse to your herd.

Foal for Adoption: Snaps
Photo of foal, Snaps

Marian Mastin, the founder of Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc. sent me a press release about this new foal, “Snaps”. Boy is he a cutie! Please check out this horse rescue website and all they horses for adoption.

You can view more photos of Snaps and Ginger in the press release.

I know you may not be ready to adopt a horse or a foal, but anytime is a great time to help them out with a donation. Please visit Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc. and consider making a donation to help these horses in need.

Donation does have to be cash. They accept empty laser and inkjet cartridges and used cell phones. They also promote donation of “re-gifting items” as a means to turn those unusual or unwanted gifts that many of us receive for special occasions and/or during the holidays into a tax deduction! These recycled gifts can be used as auction or raffle items for Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc.’s upcoming fundraising events.

For additional information on adoption, recycling and/or re-gifting donations, please contact: Marian Mastin at 281-356-6644 or send emails to mmastin (at) adoptafoal . org [remove spaces and add @ in place of the (at)].

Don’t add to the problem of unwanted horses. Please reconsider breeding your horse! Most of the horses going to slaughter are not old, sick, mean, or crippled, just too many horses and not enough good homes. Many healthy foals and yearlings end up at the horse slaughter houses too.

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