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    How Can 10 Simple Articles Change Your Life?


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    …realize that a majority of people out there simply don’t understand how to approach business on the Web. Of course, this is precisely why so many sites become “useless chunks of real estate.”…

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  3. More: Why Blog?

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    …Writing on a blog each day is easier than creating new content pages.

    …one can interact with the visitors…

    …helps spread awareness as to who you are…

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  4. Why Blog? It’s considered News

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    …a blog‚Äôs biggest impact is it‚Äôs ability to get the ear or attention of Search Engines. Which helps directly in SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines like Google love to index news, and current news, and end user generated news and information. Why? Because news and local information, especially by independent experts is what makes the Internet really special….

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