Extraordinary events occurred in South Carolina yesterday January 27th, 2014. A horse was given a second chance. A simple post went out on OTTB Connect. A property had to be vacated of horses and one horse was left abandoned by her owner. Animal control was going to shoot the horse later in the day. She had no shelter as a severe storm was predicted to come in; an un-handled pregnant mare had a death sentence placed upon her because someone saw her as too hard to handle and had to be moved alive or dead.

At first negative comments appeared then quietly and steadily an unorganized group of strangers started cross posting with purpose and getting involved. A battle cry went out and it went nationwide. Suddenly a mare no one knew about hours before was a life to be saved and horse people united.

National rescues and state rescues were of no help they couldn’t move fast enough, didn’t respond or had no room. Horse people took it upon themselves to save a mare at least for evaluation.  She deserved at least that one consideration. She deserved a chance to start over. Everyone and everything deserves at least one more chance especially to live. There was no fundraising appeals, no news crews; just ordinary horse people rallying for the mare.

No rescue became involved, only ordinary horse people who cared to give the mare a chance at continuing to live and have her foal. Saving the mare was started by one concerned person, named Tiffani and her appeal brought a herd to protect her and her unborn foal.

Posts got the attention of a trainer’s wife, who knew they shouldn’t, but did get involved; as did local horse people.

The mare now named Angel probably did not appreciate all the fuss and trauma especially when an animal control officer shot her with a tranquilizer gun which didn’t take effect and then tried to lasso her. It did not work either. But horse people intervened. It appeared very bleak for awhile because the frightened mare did not cooperate at all but they caught her and loaded her on a trailer. She now has a new home, a new beginning.

It only took a community to save her, a community of horse people we should be proud to be a part of, people who now go back to their regular lives as Angel and her unborn foal begin their new life. Yesterday was an extraordinary day and today Angel has her own Facebook page: Horse Angel.

Horse Angel (on Facebook)
Horse Angel (on Facebook)

Guess Post Info: This horse rescue story was in the Horse Conscious e-newsletter from Mark from HorseConscious info@horseconscious.com via aweber.com. I asked and was given permission from Mark to post the story here. Please check out Mark’s site at Beyond Horsemanship | HorseConscious – Beyond Horsemanship.

Note from Joni: Please, if you ever see an animal in need, do not turn away and do nothing. Call out for help from the local community if you can not help the animal yourself or if you need help to rescue the animal or care for the animal. Try first calling the local law and animal shelter, but don’t stop there, continue to call for help from local people that love animals. Care and share this story to inspire others to take action. Thank you!