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Now protects it’s buyers and sellers with the escrow service. is the only Internet horse auction of its kind, has raised the bar once again by providing the safest and most secure on-line equine shopping experience with escrow service.

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Each registered user’s information is verified to ensure that only REAL buyers and sellers are doing business with you? Sure it’s a lot of extra work, but your security, and providing a quality online experience is very important to us.

You can set up your own on-line storefront on and market your horses, tack, ranch, farm, and other equine services and products to verified horse lovers across the globe?

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Auction Listing Tips

When you do things right you have a higher chance at success with your auctions. So consider the following auction listings pointers to optimizing your to generate more profits.

Learn from Others

Visit and study the listings of the other sellers. Take notes on what they are doing that you like and work that into your listings. Be open to change and be willing to test your listings titles, prices, and sales copy.

Don’t skimp on the Item Description

It is the most important area of your listings, so describe your item in luscious detail and include the size, age, color, condition and any other thing that you might want to know if you were thinking of buy the item. Don’t forget the most important part: List the benefits of these features! What is this item going to do for the purchaser? You want to describe the item so that the reader can already see and feel these benefits in their mind and are ready to buy before they even get down to view the photos. Remember that people are going by what you say and the photos. They cannot view and check out the item in front of them so be complete with your descriptions.

Post More Then One Photo

Clear, sharp, closeup photos that are not too small are a must. Also display pictures of more than one side of your item. A good digital camera is wonderful to use as you can snap a lot of photos and then only post the best. Make sure the lighting is good and bright and no awkward shadows are falling across the item. Also keep the background simple and uncluttered. You want nothing to take away from their focus on your item. Good photos help draw in more and higher bids.

Be Nice

Don’t post negative statements like, “No deadbeat bidders wanted”, “Don’t bid if you have less then 10 positive feedback comments”, or “We will give you negative feedback it you don’t pay on time”. This just drives people on to someone nicer and who doesn’t treat them like a criminal even before they decide to buy.

Disclosure All Your Business Practices

People don’t like surprises when it comes to something they are buying. Post all the info they need, like: shipping charges, how you ship, when you ship, what payment methods you accept (Check, Money Order, Credit Card, PayPal, etc.) List your guarantees and your return policy and any thing else that they need to know.

The more information you give, the more comfortable a person will be and the more likely they will buy from you.

Encourage Multiple Purchases

The more you sell the more you make so let your readers know your specialty and the fact that you have more items listed. Offer them discounts on shipping costs for multiple items. If the auction site have a cross-promotion feature use it!

Please leave a comment if you have any other listing tips. Thanks!