Free Audio Replay: Equine Problem Solving

If you missed this free equine teleseminar call, Equine Problem Solving, when it was live on March 2, 2008 you have about 30 days to listen to the replay audio file.

If you’d like to re-listen or for those of you who couldn’t make it, you can go to:

Free Call Replay: Equine Problem Solving.

Both the telephone number and access code to call back, as well as the audio file are on the page. You can simply phone in or click and listen right on your computer!

The Equine Problem Solving call covered so much great horse info…

  • A horse’s brain: how it works
  • What we humans do that make equine problems worst
  • Horse’s Primary Instinct
  • Important clue you should teach your horse
  • and more…

If you couldn’t make it to this last call I hope you’ll be able to join us on March 9, 2008 at 8 pm Eastern Time to discuss: No Hoof – No Horse: Basic Hoofcare

Please check my past blog post: Free Horse Courses to learn more and check out the other scheduled informational calls specially for equestrians.

Gwenyth Santagate who is putting on these equine calls would love to receive feedback on the fist free info call. Did you learn anything new? Was it easy and comfortable to listen to the seminar? Is there anything you could suggest to make things even better? Was the handout easy to follow and was it helpful to you? Questions? Comments? All invited.

Feel free to email Gwenyth Santagate at caballus (at) charter . net (remove spaces and replace (at) with @) with the Subject Header reading: Call feedback on Equine Problem Solving.

If you would like to learn more about solving problems with your horse or even just how to clarify your communications or deepen your partnership with your horse be sure to check out our PENZANCE PROGRESSIVE EQUINE PARTNERSHIP TRAINING (PPT101) course.

This class will be held for 10 weeks; “live” online in a chat/classroom once a week; all materials for assignments and studying are inclusively ONLINE and there for your easy access at any time, night or day. You get PERSONAL support via email or telephone when you need it.

Spring class begins April 10th at 8 pm Eastern time. But, register soon before the class fills up!

For less than it costs to buy a cup of coffee every day you can get expert instruction that is guaranteed to positively influence your relationship with your horse:

  • Better Communications
  • Improved Performance
  • Greater Harmony
  • And Partnership…

Please seriously consider enrolling in this class. It is the ONLY class like this anywhere! Online or even off-line.


Where can you get expert advice, personal support and excellent equine educational instruction for just $12.50 a WEEK???

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PENZANCE Equine Solutions


  1. Hi, my horse bowel movements have been loose more like cow patts, she has become very nippy trying to bit anythime I go near, she has also started to strach an bit at her rump. Her feed has not change nor has her routine, can you help.

    Many thanks


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