Do you know the importance of proper nutrition for your horse’s health and performance?

I recently read about a top trainer that was quoted as saying, “the number one thing that my clients skimp on is top quality feed and nutrients for their horses”. He went on to say that within 30 to 60 days on his special diet the horse’s looks and attitude are vastly improved. So much so, that many of his clients when they visit their horse are amazed and ask what secret show grooming products does he use.

“They have a hard time understanding that it was just the difference in the quality of nutrition the horse received.”

So isn’t time for you to learn more about horse nutrition? Join me on Wednesday, August 1st, at 5 pm Pacific as is hosting a special call with Dr. Eve Finkelstein, Bsc Bs MS Phd.

It will be one of the most interesting and possibly controversial calls Patricia Reszetylo has ever hosted. How can it not be, when the topic is “Nutrition for the Equine“?

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** Why you should be on this call **

All the health care in the world will not help your horse if its nutrition is neglected. Nutrition is the bare essence of horse husbandry. Neglect it, and everything else you do with, to, or for your horse will fall short.

Did you know that the color of your horse’s coat can be affected by nutrition? You can have a blacker black horse, a more golden palomino, or a brighter gold chestnut!

Did you also know that there is much you can do to improve your horse’s hooves through the right nutrients? Some horses that had to wear horseshoes for most of their life can now go barefoot with no problems.

Proper equine nutrition has even made horses that were difficult to train easier to handle with a more willing attitude.

So the bottom line is – if you are interested in learning anything about Equine Nutrition, you need to be on this call Wednesday August 1st, at 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain, and 5 pm Pacific.

You can read some of the questions we will answer, and register on this page now.

** What Learning About Equine Nutrition Means to You **

All health must start with a sound nutritional program. No training program, no fitness regime will bring your horse to it’s peak performance without it. There is so much to learn when we take on the task of caring for our equine friends; surely we owe them 90 minutes of our time to learn more about something so basic and vital.

** What to do now **

Read the questions or think of your own, or – if you’re in a hurry – scroll to the bottom of the page and quickly reserve your tele-seat before we fill all the spots.

“Is alfalfa hay hard on a horse’s kidneys?”

“I like to add some cracked corn to my horses’ oats at feeding time. I have been told that corn is not necessary, it has no real food value or nutrients, that the horses simply eat it and then expels all of it whole, and I should quit feeding them corn. What are your thoughts on feeding horses cracked corn???”

“I’ve been feeding my 24 year old TB a mix of Senior Feed and 10% pellets (6 cups a.m. and p.m.), as well as hay cubes, and he’s gained weight nicely but you can still see his ribs around his big belly. Is this OK, and if not, what do you suggest?”

“Please discuss your philosophy about the appropriate feeding “way” (i.e. hay from the ground vs. from a net, etc.) at pasture and in a stall so that a horse’s natural foraging instinct is encouraged.”

By the way, what is the most burning, unanswered question you have about your horse’s nutrition? Well now is your chance to get that question answered. But hurry – questions get answered in the order that they are received, so you don’t want to wait too long before posting yours. Remember to reserve your copy of the call telepak, as there are going to be questions we simply can’t get to on the live call, and Dr. Eve has agreed to answer all remaining questions… but you’ll only hear them if you get the telepak!

“See” you on the call…(Bring your questions, and get ready to take lots of notes)

P.S. This is a zero-cost call and if you have high-speed internet, you can listen in via the webcast! You’ll discover how to incorporate practical Equine Nutrition into your horse care routine in more practical ways. If you’re serious about caring for your horse, about giving it as much as it gives you, you need to be on this call. Register Now for the Equine Nutrition call.

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