2008 UPDATE: NickerIt.com closed its site.

Announcing NickerIt.com an bookmarking site for horse people

Nicker: “Hello, good to see you.” ~The Horse.

NickerIt.com is a new, social bookmarking service for equestrians to share news, photos, videos, and website links with other equestrians.

NickerIt.com social bookmarking service for equestrians

The concept is fun and easy … submit your favorite link to NickerIt.com for other equestrians to see. A nicker — translated from the horse as “Hello, good to see you” — is someone saying they like the link. Once something has been nickered, other users can keep nickering it to show they like it, too.

NickerIt.com is a social bookmarking service that benefits equestrians twofold — popular links rise to the top and it’s easy to find new websites that are based on categories.

“Social bookmarking with NickerIt.com enables you to discover content that you might not have found with traditional search engines or link directories,” noted Scott Hanselman, creator of NickerIt.com. “Because the links are added and nickered [voted on] by users, informative content will naturally be popular and easy to find.”

As a registered user of NickerIt.com, equestrians can submit their favorite content links, add comments, and subscribe to web feeds (also known as RSS Feeds) from the “Popular Links”, “Upcoming Links”, and individual Categories.

For more information or to register for free, visit NickerIt.com

NickerIt.com is a great place for equestrians to discover and share favorite horse related content from the Internet. Like a virtual conversation between equestrians, links are voted on or Nickered as we affectionately refer to it. NickerIt.com operates as part of the EquinesUnlimited.com network.

EquinesUnlimited.com is an Internet publishing company that includes a network of full-featured equine websites.

Horse business social marketing tip:

Drag the Nickerit site link to your desktop to your quick links browser bar, then make a note in your to-do-list and business calendar to remind you to nicker your blog posts, articles, and press releases as your put them on the web. Let your friends and family know about your nickers and they may nicker your story too.

But don’t stop there. Nicker other horse stories your find that relates to your product or service. This will help you educate people to the benefits of what your are selling. Contact the people that your nickered and let them know that you nickered their article and they may do the same for your stories on NickerIt.

P.S. I designed the NickerIt logo. For more info on my custom logo packages visit my site Horse-Logos.com.

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  1. Hey, What happened to Nickerit? I was enjoying it? Well thanks for the good info.

    And yes it is a cool logo.


  2. Hi Joni,

    Thanks for the write-up. 🙂

    I can honestly say that because of NickerIt, users have posted some really great content that I don’t think I would have seen otherwise. Please keep those “Nickers” coming 🙂

    Thanks again, Joni, for a great logo!


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