Do you still have the Boogie Man after you?

The Boogie Man is not real but he could still get your hair to raise on the back of your neck and your heart pounding. Most of just have never out grown the Boogie Man’s fears. We just push them deep and deny them.

What am I talking about?

Well, think of all the times that you have let fear creep up and steal something from you. Let me help you remember when…

Think about the time you thought you and your horse were really doing well together and you entered a horse show. And then that Boogie Man crept upon your shoulder and pickled your mind with thoughts and soon your legs turned to rubber and your horse was shying at invisible things along the rail. And the harder you struggle to gain control the less you had.

Or remember the time you were on a trail ride and the wind in the trees had your horse snorting and jogging sideways, yet at home the rustle of leaves doesn’t even cause him to lift his head from his hay. Why is the wind on the trail an issue – and more importantly, what can you do about it?

Join the call on June 13th (8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain and 5pm Pacific) on Rick Wilkes will share how EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique works for equestrians.

Discover what EFT is and how it is something you can do anytime, anywhere. There is no charge to sign up, and if you have a high speed Internet connection, you can even participate for no charge!

For more info on this informational call visit this web page… (Make sure you watch the video. It will give you a great idea of all of EFT’s possibilities!)

EFT For Equestrians

Learn how you can feel truly FREE regardless of externals conditions. June 13th is just day away so sign up now and mark your calendar.

Here are some of the questions that will be discussed:

  • If you are riding and can see a potential problem coming up (for example, a truck speeding down the road with a flapping tarp on the body), how do you best prepare yourself and your horse?
  • How EFT can help regain stellar confidence in riding after long term absence due to accident?
  • Can EFT help an equestrian speed up the learning process?

Sign up quickly and your can submit your own questions about EFT and how emotions affect your riding performance!

EFT For Equestrians

Have any experience with EFT? Leave a comment about it. Thanks!

“No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head.” ~ Terry Josephson

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ~ Mary Engelbreit


  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles. You obviously know what you are talking about! Your site is so easy to navigate too, I’ve bookmarked it in my favourites 😀

  2. I think my daughter could really benifit from some “EFT” 🙂 great article thanks for that!


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