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The overheads involved when running an equine business are often high, especially if you’re breeding thoroughbreds or show jumpers, so you’ll need to promote your equine business effectively whilst keeping costs low. Fortunately people love horses so you’ll be able to garner plenty of attention with your animals alone, though it’s certainly a wise move to branch out with your promotional efforts for maximum effect.

Consider an office

Whilst you might have a small office at your farm, ranch or stables, it’s often wise to invest in an office, even if it’s one shared with other people. This could prove an excellent investment if your stables are located off the beaten track, as many stables are, because it makes meetings with clients more convenient for them.
This is an important consideration to take note of because it’s often the case that potential customers don’t get around to paying farms, stables and ranches a visit because of the distances involved. However, when there’s an office in town to meet and discuss matters at, the likelihood of interested parties making the effort to meet in person increases exponentially.

Write a marketing plan

If you need assistance with writing a marketing plan and you have to pay for that assistance so be it – it’s a worthy investment. A marketing plan is like a road map for your equine business, one that helps you navigate your way to success, and one that also enables you to retrace your steps to work out where you went wrong. Having a marketing plan to refer to also helps you measure how successful your efforts have or haven’t been, thus providing you with the opportunity to make changes where required.

Keep your website current

Showcasing your majestic beasts with an up to date website is an excellent promotional tactic and you’re sure to attract a lot of attention this way, especially if you write original content about horses and equine activities to upload to relevant blog sites – small business, equine, farming, lifestyle, etc – and link this content back to your website. This will increase the attention your website receives, help to establish you and your business as an authority on horses and ultimately aid your business no end.

Don’t overlook the ‘cute factor’ either, especially if you breed ponies for sale, for as you can imagine, keeping interested parties up to date on the lives of your ponies as they grow older is a great way to keep visitors returning to your website time and time again.

Use promotional items effectively

Logo on Cap
Logo on Cap
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Logo on Mug

There are countless promotional items that you can brand and give out to increase awareness of your equine business, including logo for your business or maybe it is time to refresh the one you have) However, it isn’t enough to have promotional items produced; you have to give them out to the right people and at the right places, like flea markets, community events and school fairs in your local area.

Holding a stall, or even a demonstration with free pony rides, at local events and markets is an excellent way to enhance awareness of your business – just think of the favorable impression a free pony ride and small promotional gift would make – and use your horses to sell themselves; after all, what could possibly be a better promotional tool to sell horses and equine products and services than the horses themselves.

These are some of many promotional ideas you can use to increase awareness of your equine business; what’s more, don’t forget to get creative and have fun with your marketing and promotional efforts – horsing about is well suited to equine businesses.

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