New Round Bale Hay Net from Texas Haynet

The Texas Haynet company, maker of the first round bale hay net, recently came into existence because of a small equine rehab facility specializing in hoof rehabilitation. Little Thunder Stables, in central Texas, had to find a way to control the sugar intake of the horses under their care for founder rehabilitation and turned to the research of “slow feeding”.

Restricting access to cut grass hay by way of a grid or net resulted in slower eating and better nutrition for all horses, but is especially important to sugar sensitive equines. It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention”! Since there was no way to economically feed the animals at Little Thunder Stables other than using round bales, the Texas Haynet company was formed after 2 years of testing many different forms of netting material and designs.

Texas Haynet
Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net

No Waste – Slows Eating – Reduces Stress – Calms Aggressive Behavior
– Excellent for Insulin Resistant Horses
– Better for the Digestive System as it Mimics Natural Grazing

If you are not satisfied with the net, it may be returned for a full refund (less shipping) anytime in the first 90 days with proof of purchase.

Texas Haynet is a small company owned by Leslie Davis of Kingsland, Texas. Leslie has been involved with equine rehabilitation since 1997. Leslie and her husband, Joe Schedler worked for a large Texas horse rescue for several years before focusing on just hoof rehabilitation. Little Thunder Stables is committed to making sure the Texas Haynet company continues to produce quality hay nets for round bales.

Feeding cut grass hay is a challenge for all domestic horse owners and is the staple food for all equines. Researchers still do not fully understand “why” a horse masticates hay more completely when they take smaller bites rather than large bites, but it has been proven that if you feed most cut hay through a hole that is 2″ or less, the horse has better digestion. With improved digestion, nutrients are fully extracted and sugars, starches, heavy metals, toxins all are handled better by the horse’s liver more efficiently.

Economically round baled cut grass hay is the best choice when feeding multiple horses, so Texas Haynet’s design for a round hay net to fit over a large round bale of hay is truly a product born out of necessity. It certainly serves the purpose for which it was designed, but one of the best benefits of using a slow feeder hay net over a round bale has been the fact that the hay bale will now last much longer, thus saving time and money!

Square Bale Hay Net in the Works!

Another need in the market of slow feeding is an easy-to-apply net to fit over square bales of hay and Texas Haynet is currently testing their newest design for this and hopes to have it in full production before the end of the year.

You can contact Leslie at Texas Haynet or at 325-388-2727