Go Beyond The Ordinary!

Most new businesses rush and print plain black and white one-sided business cards with the usual contact info and then hand them out to anyone they can. Or now with free and cheap full color business cards available from online printing shops they rush and order cards that are not put together with a good marketing plan.

Be innovative can help you stand out from the herd and get your company noticed.

Alternative Suggestions

Print the backs! Make your business cards more useful and functional therefore more likely to be held onto and/or remembered! Consider cards that fold to hold even more info or photos — folded tent cards give you four times the amount of ad space as a one sided business card! Make a mini brochure with photos of your products/studs.

Sample of folded business card

    • Appointment Cards: On the backside of your regular business cards you can print lines for filling in a date and time for your customer’s next appointment.
    • Loyalty or Frequent Buyer Cards: I know that you have been exposed to these before; the “Rent 12 and get the 13th DVD FREE!” type of marketing incentive. Well you can use this same idea. It would work well with horse boarding, riding lessons, coaching, trail ride events, you get the idea. Now run with it.
    • Coupon Cards: Discounts, free gift with purchase, free trial, free consultation, discount off next purchase, discount if you bring a friend, etc.
      Tip: Don’t forget to add an expiration date; putting a time limit on you offers can cause people to take action now instead of putting it off and forgetting about it.
    • Name Tags: If you have a company event you may want to make company name tags for you, your employees, and for your guest to wear.
    • Events Calendar: If you don’t have many events scheduled you can even post info about other equestrian events that will take place in your area. This way people will hold on to your card because of the useful info.
    • Product Tags: If you sell products like hand tied rope halters, or equine cookies, you could punch a hole in the corner of your cards and attached them to your products for sale with a string. This will make your products look more professional and brand them. If you use bags, staple your card to the outside of the bag.

Business Card as Gift or Tag

    • Event Tickets: Make them colorful and nice looking and some people will keep them as souvenirs.
    • Announcement Cards: Let people know about a special upcoming event and put your announcement card in your outgoing correspondence or with items shipped to customers.
    • Referral Cards: Make it easy for people to let others know about your business. Referral cards also make people more comfortable about contacting a business. Please do an Internet search for more info on “referral programs” or “referral marketing”.
    • Estimate Cards: Do you make custom tack or maybe training estimates.
    • Quotes or Tip Cards: If you give seminars, lessons, or do equine body work, you can print key principals, important words of wisdom or checklists on the backs of your business cards that people will want to refer to later, and when they do they will be reminded of you.

Horse Quote Business Card Sample

    • Map Cards: You could also print driving directions or a map of your location. Is helps them keep important information at their fingertips.
    • Survey Cards:
    • Membership Cards: Horse clubs, riding groups, etc…
    • Stallion Cards: Great photo and contact info on the front with pedigree on the backside.
    • Gift and Thank You Cards: to attach to small gifts for your customers. Tip: It is nice to hand write a personal note like, “Thanks for the business” or “Best Wishes”. Gift Examples: candy canes at Christmas, heart shaped containers filled with candy for Valentine’s Day, or even a sandwich bag of candy with your card stapled to it. If you have a walk in business you can also staple a peppermint candy to each card and place them in a large bowl for people to take. You can also mount your business cards to larger greeting cards and send to customers and prospects.
    • Magnetic Business Cards: Magnets are widely used to hold important papers on file cabinets at work and the refrigerator door at home. There they are always visible.

Double sided Business Card Sample

Other Business Card Tips

Did you know that Joe Girard was officially the world’s greatest salesman and that his greatest tool was his business cards? But business cards are not worth anything sitting in your pocket. They can only bring you business when they are handed out. Just like you can own the greatest horse but he will never become a champion hanging around the barn.

Tip: Include an information email address (for example: info@yourdomain.com or horses@yourdomain.com) that is set in auto responder mode, meaning that anyone emailing that address will receive an automatic reply message with more information about your product, service or company This is a great way to give your prospect much more information than what can fit on a tiny business card.


Money Saving Printing Tips:

  1. If you know you will not be moving or changing your business information anytime soon, consider ordering your business cards in large amounts to save. Did you know that your cost per card is usually significantly reduced when you order 1000 cards instead of 250 or 500 cards?
  2. You can self print your business cards at home with your computer and printer but with the high costs of ink you would save money by ordering them in large numbers from a commercial print shop. PrintingForLess.com has great full color printing prices for business cards and other business printing items.
  3. But self printing maybe just the ticket for smaller numbers of dated and/or coded coupon cards and for many of the other unique card ideas mentioned above. And when you need a special card and you need it NOW — self printing can save the day. I always keep a pack of card stock available for when I need cards and I need them now.
Image by A Love for Horses via Flickr

Business cards are one of the most powerful and inexpensive marketing tools you can use so get some cards designed and printed and give them out!

Did I miss any ways that you can use business card size cards to help your business? Let me know your ideas!

Printing Resources

For commercial printing, I recommend Color Printing Pros Online Printing Service – High Quality – Low Pricing – Premium Unique Products. Discount code: L4H; For a 5% discount off of order (excluding shipping or special orders).

Color Printing Pros is different from all the other online printing services. We are printing high definition continuous tone photographic quality printing. The advantages are a larger color gamut than produces more colors including pastels, more detail in highlight and shadow areas, smooth color gradations and blend banding when ink piles up with 150 to 200 conventional Iine screens.

Standard business cards are printed on customer choice of 14 pt or 16 pt card stock. Printing on the back is free and the customer can choose from gloss UV coating or matte/dull coating. The cost for 1,000 cards is $36.00 (2017 pricing). The price is less than PFL and Vista.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. if it’s our mistake we take ownership of the problem and reprint the job.

Color Printing Pros has a Yelp 5 star rating for quality and customer care. (I am in the Color Printing Pros referral program as I really like their work!)

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