Clicker Training your horseNew Clicker Training Book by Leslie Pavlich

There are a few horse training books books out already about clicker training horses but I say the more the merrier because each person has their own voice and way of explaining training lessons. So if you are having trouble wrapping your mind around the lesson in with one book you can try another. I find that with each new book I read on the same subject that I pick up more knowledge from the different points of view.

Leslie Pavlich’s new paperback book is named: Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse and it is available now at

Leslie Pavlich on her new horse training book

Clicker Training Book CoverAfter over 20 years of training experience with horses I discovered Clicker Training.

With clicker training I was able to do things with horses that I had never dreamed of before. I hope to share with your what I have found through my book which is the result of over 4 years working with 50 different horses using Clicker Training as my main training tool.

This book is a step by step guide for taking a horse that has never been touched to the beginning of riding combining Clicker Training and Natural Training techniques. If you have a young colt, one of the wild ones, or just want to retrain Old Faithful this book can help you accomplish that.

Problem Horse or Horse training problem

I wrote this Clicker Training book because there are so many horses in need. Just about everyone I know has one difficult horse or a horse that is not broke to ride yet. Owners have concerns about sending their horses away to a trainer. So their horse just doesn’t get the training they need.

Target training with the clickerThis book can help, it is a step by step guide to walk you through the process and you don’t have to send your horse away. If you need extra help with your horse I will be available for Video Lessons to add extra assistance. I believe in one on one interaction because every horse and owner are different.

My goal is to help motivate you, that you can do it, and get you out to the barn. If you run into a problem you and need extra help I give private video lessons that can fast tract you to success.

What do I hope for the future of horse training?

Leslie Pavlich book authorI hope to teach as many as I can that you can use Clicker Training for everyday riding. My book can guide your gently through the basics and to a well-rounded horse you can be proud of. Through the clicker I have worked with horses that I would never have attempted to handle before I discovered the magic of clicker training. Seven years of working with the clicker and a wide range of horses has given me the knowledge to create an easy to read, hold-your-hand and lead you book.

Please join me in this new journey of discovery and you too can have a new outlook for your horse.

Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse Book Cover

OK so what is Clicker Training?

Clicker Training is a precise way of marking and rewarding your horse for specific things that they have done. The clicker is a small hand held plastic box that makes a clicking noise when pressed. The clicker noise, tells the horse “YES, that is correct.” Then you give your horse some food so the click has meaning – a motivator.

Clicker Training works great with anything that you would like to teach your horse. I work with many different ages of horses. I would be working on more finished colts, then 6 months later I was back to just weanlings. I wrote a manual that I went by to help keep me on track, and to keep me consistent. I have incorporated Clicker Training with Colt Starting and the result is this step by step Clicker Training book.

Horse Clicker Training Lesson; video

Note from Joni Solis (owner of this blog): So many people PooPoo any ideas that involve horses and hand feeding of treats. BUT don’t toss out Clicker Training just because it deals with feeding horses from your hand. If you work correctly the horse doesn’t turn into a monster just because he knows you have food on you. I have two very food loving ponies and one used to be a biter. Though clicker training I have two highly motivated ponies that love their training lessons and don’t want them to end. The biter no longer bites.

Take your time to truly investigate clicker training and give it a real go. Your horse will love you for it and you will be amazed at what you can get your horse to do and do it happily.

Clicker Training can be done safely. It can be less stressful to your horse than conventional training. More and more people that were about to give up on their horse have discovered the Prince of a horse they really had once they tried the clicker.

I am an amazon affiliate and will make some money if you buy this book from clicking on the links on this page. I do believe in clicker training for all animals and highly recommend you try it even if I don’t make any money from it.

Just try it!

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  1. I am very interested in clicker training. So many people assume you can only do it with dogs, but in fact almost any animal can be clicker trained. Even my pet rats! What a wonderful way to train horses.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog… A Collection of Cute Farm Animal Videos – Aww =-.

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