horse head in glass

Lovely and unique equine sculptures

While surfing the Internet I discovered the delightful horse artwork of Karen Aneiro on her website, EquiSea Farms. She creates fine art in wire and colored glass and her sculptures sparkle with the life spirit of what inspires her, Arabian and Friesian horses!

The names of her equine art is also wonderful, here is a sampling: Magic, Tribute, Piaffe, Noor Al Noufous (The Light Of The Soul), Neptune’s Gift, Sea Dreams, and Easy Silence. I love the one named, “SPIRIT AND ANCESTOR” which was the winner of the Peoples Choice Award of the Icarus International Art Show, in 2003. I also would love to have the large “Catchthespirit” sculpture in my garden.

About the award winning artist: Karen Aneiro

Karen has participated in several art shows and has won awards at the international, college and local levels. Her sculptures are collected world wide and sold in Virginia & North Carolina galleries. Prices range from $100.00 to $5000.00. If you are interested in commissioning a sculpture, painting, or photography, please email Karen at artistakarena @ Subject, pose, medium and colors of commissioned sculptures are your choice! Karen is also expanding into creating pottery, tiles, and clay sculpture as well. Textiles made from our llamas’ wool and yarn for your own projects will also be available.