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Clicker Training for the Horse 101

This brand new 10 week course on clicker training equines has been added to PENZANCE’S Online Educational Series and begins November 12th

Brief introduction to Positive Reinforcement training of the horse with more detail focused on the Terminal Bridge, Intermediate Bridge, Behavior Modification, Shaping and Variable Reinforcers. Meet in live classroom once weekly. Posted materials and class transcripts stored online for easy access anytime.

Course teacher is Gwen Santagate. Her credentials and background can be found on The Penzance Horse in the “About Gwen” link.

Software requirements are easily met…

Requires Microsoft Power Point Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader. (both can be found on the internet for free download.)

For more info and to register visit The Penzance Horse


Anyone who registers as a full student for any 101 course can have a friend register for just
1/2 tuition!

If you’re interested in this, please email Gwen Santagate at: caballus @ (please remove spaces in email address) If you have any questions please contact Gwen.

Note from Joni:

I love clicker training for my ponies and dogs and I think everyone with an animal to train should keep an open mind to training methods and give it a good try. It is easy and gentle and based on looking for positives. I haven’t taken this course, but it seems like a good way to learn about clicker training your horse.

Other horse educational courses:

Equine HOMEOPATHY 101: begins November 7th

Combining the Introduction of Classical Homeopathy with more detailed instruction on First Aid and Acute Situations, taking a Homeopathic Case, Repertizing, Introduction to Constitutional prescribing and more. Includes Case Studies and practice ‘cases’ for acute situations. 10 weeks. Meet in live classroom once weekly. Posted materials and class transcripts stored online for easy access anytime. 2 additional texts required for study.

Other popular courses:

NHC101 (Natural Hoofcare 101)
PPT101 (Progressive Equine Partnership Training 101)

Both these courses begin the first week of December.

The Penzance Horse

The Meaning of the name PENZANCE: “God’s Holy Headland; A place for spiritual growth”.


  • To foster a greater understanding and awareness of Equine Behavior and Care for Horse Enthusiasts world-wide through education in real time and in virtual settings.
  • To provide a sanctuary for those horses and humans whose hearts or bodies have been broken.
  • To always project a positive kind and gentle image.
  • To be an example for other Equine enthusiasts throughout the world.
  • To share God’s Blessings and Grace as He has given to us and to be a light in the darkness for others.

If you have been through one of the horse educational courses I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever checked into clicker training for your horse? Leave a comment. Thanks!

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  1. my mare was really responsive to the basic clicker traing I was doing with her.she would really enjoy my spending time with her

  2. I have taken the Clicker Training Course from Gwenyth.
    It was awesome, and if we got stuck, Gwen helped us
    move on. With Clicker Training, I actually saw the light
    go on in my horse’s head when he GOT it!

    Recently I went to a mini clinic where we were playing
    the seven Parelli games. At one point, I could see my
    horse was stuck, I quickly got my clicker out of my jacket,
    stuffed pellets in my jeans and asked my horse to step
    onto a stump. Click/Treat with each movement toward
    the goal. Cool!

    It really works. Chunk down each task into smaller steps,
    and reward each positive movement foward!

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