Dressage with a horse with bitless bridle
Dressage with a horse with bitless bridle (Photo credit: godzax)

Although the official press release from the Royal Dutch Federation of Equine Sports, the KNHS, has not come out yet, we, the NVBP (Dutch Club of Bitless Riders) proudly announce that as from April 1st 2014 bitless dressage will be integrated in the regular dressage competition, valid for the first two levels, B (begin) and L (light).

So, no longer a separate category with classified judges, but a dressage competition open to bitted and bitless combinations, judged by all qualified jury members. Either bitted or bitless, the result will depend purely on the rider and his or her horse.

Thanks to all members of the NVBP we now celebrate this marvelous news. They contributed to this change of the hitherto fixed opinion that bitless dressage was not possible.

Of course we fully trust that the possibility for extending this to the next levels of dressage, the M (middle) and Z (advanced), will be realized as soon as sufficient bitless riders have been promoted to level M. For the NVBP this issue is no longer something we have to fight for, it now is up to all riders (in- and outside the NVBP) who want to ride bitless to enter the regular dressage competition and show that they are just as good as (or even better than) the bitted combinations.

The Netherlands are now world wide leader as far as bitless dressage in official regular contests is concerned. We know many countries are striving for this as well and they contact the Dutch KNHS regularly for its experience in this matter.

A cross-under bitless bridle
A cross-under bitless bridle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course we will continue our efforts, for, although we have reached our aim as far as bitless dressage is concerned, for bitless driving nothing has been achieved yet. So we will keep up the good work. The struggle for acknowledgement of bitless driving goes on.

Kind regards,

The Board of the NVBP (Nederlandse Vereniging Bitloos Paardrijden = Dutch Club of Bitless Riders)

Best regards
Inge van der Woude


Note from Joni Solis: I think this is wonderful news. If someone can ride a horse well without metal in his or her month or on their feet why not allow this? I hope this spreads much farther in Dressage and other equestrian sports and everyday riding.

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