What is the Difference Between Riding Apparels and Regular Apparels

The large number of horse riding gear and other equestrian equipment which are required during a riding session, may seem strange to beginners of horse riding who are unfamiliar with the usage and necessity of the riding accessories. But, nearly every piece of equestrian gear and all the riding equipment that are designed, have a purpose and are not simply used by riders, to give them a unique, fancy riding look. Be it security and comfort, or for a better tackling, controlling, managing and communicating with the horse, all equestrian accessories are designed for a reason. As beginners one may not understand what is so special about wearing a pant that is specially designed for riding. But, riding pants or jodhpurs can make a lot of difference to the riding experience one has, on the horse. Designed to provide comfort and to protect the lower part of the body, jodhpurs come in varying styles such as knee patch, full seat, high rise and low rise. Horse riding gloves have a distinct feature that separates it from regular gloves. Equestrian riding gloves provide protection to the skin of the palm from rubbing of the reins. Horse riding gloves also come with […]
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Horses and Road Safety – How To Stay Away From Danger

When you have a love for horses, you want to spend as much time as possible with them. Looking after them, excising them, grooming and training with them are all activities that can be enjoyed with your animal. But safety is always an aspect you should consider whenever and wherever you choose to take your horse out for a trot. Roads are especially dangerous places if you are choosing these areas to exercise your pet. Although Horses do not like the loud noise of the traffic, sometimes it can’t be helped and you have to use the roads. Each year there are a number of horse riding accidents which occur on busy roads, so it is certainly something important to think about when heading out with your animal. You need to follow a few rules in order to keep you and your animal safe when using a road. Horse riders should be properly trained on how to travel on roads with their pet. They should then follow what they have been taught and be fully aware of the potential dangers. Below are a few guidelines which all riders should adhere to when choosing to ride on roads. •    Young riders […]
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A beginner’s guide to horse riding

Horse back riding can be both great exercise and a great way to engage with the outdoors. This fantastic hobby is loved by many, but before you decide to saddle yourself up on a horse, it is a good idea to consult a professional. There are many ways in which you could get hurt during horse back riding, horses are after all wild animals and should be treated with care and precision. When you first begin to ride, it can be very exciting, yet also very nerve wracking, so you should read up on all aspects of this activity before embarking on the adventure of horse back riding. Firstly you should always take lessons from a qualified horse riding teacher. They will familiarise you with the proper techniques of getting up on the horse, and getting down from it. Once you become familiar with how it feels to be on a horse then you will be able to start riding properly. Remember if you lose control of yourself, you will undoubtedly lose control of your horse, so make sure you are 100% confident before going off on your own. Just like a dog can sense fear, so can a horse. […]
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