Are You Cribbing Me?

Guest Article By Derek Bringewatt I will never forget that cool spring morning I sauntered out to our horse barn and as I slowly opened the old rickety wood barn door, I was greeted by our three horses. Once I was inside I noticed two of our horses standing together, my eyes quickly scanned the empty stall but only found boards that had been pulled down, just laying in the stall. As I stood there, I pondered the thought of how this could happen? After examination of the boards, noticing the teeth marks and indents, it became clear that cribbing was the culprit. As I proceeded to let our horses out to pasture it was then that I shook my head and thought  to myself…. Are You Cribbing Me??? What is cribbing you ask? Cribbing is when a horse uses their incisor teeth to bite on a fixed object, arches their neck, then inhales or exhales making a grunting type of noise. Cribbing affects about 5 percent of horses. That 5 percent equals almost a quarter of a million cribbing horses in the United States alone! Horses that crib have been known to crib for 15 to 65 percent of […]
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The Best Mobile Apps for Horse Lovers

Introducing 5 innovative technologies for equestrians As horse professionals, you know that the business of horses can be an incredibly challenging one. Regardless of if you’re a sporting equestrian, an animal care provider, or for the personal satisfaction and love that’s created from bonding with such a majestic animal, there are several smart phone applications—for the iPhone, Android, and even the—that are horse-friendly, fun, educational, and even life-saving! Here are the best mobile applications for horse lovers: 1. Equine AcuPoints ($14.99 – for iPhone) The Equine AcuPoints app is an equine acupressure practitioner’s most reliable ally in the animal care field. Many veterinary doctors as well as equine health care providers rely on Acupressure—a form of alternative Chinese medical method that features placing pressure onto various vital points along the body to treat and cure various illnesses. Acupressure has been effective in treating many human health issues, and it has also believed to be beneficial for animals, including horses. During a procedure, a medical practitioner will place pressure on Acupoints in order to manipulate the energy that flow through the body’s meridians. The idea is that when meridians are unblocked and energy is able to flow smoothly, various symptoms and […]
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