What is the Difference Between Riding Apparels and Regular Apparels

The large number of horse riding gear and other equestrian equipment which are required during a riding session, may seem strange to beginners of horse riding who are unfamiliar with the usage and necessity of the riding accessories. But, nearly every piece of equestrian gear and all the riding equipment that are designed, have a purpose and are not simply used by riders, to give them a unique, fancy riding look. Be it security and comfort, or for a better tackling, controlling, managing and communicating with the horse, all equestrian accessories are designed for a reason. As beginners one may not understand what is so special about wearing a pant that is specially designed for riding. But, riding pants or jodhpurs can make a lot of difference to the riding experience one has, on the horse. Designed to provide comfort and to protect the lower part of the body, jodhpurs come in varying styles such as knee patch, full seat, high rise and low rise. Horse riding gloves have a distinct feature that separates it from regular gloves. Equestrian riding gloves provide protection to the skin of the palm from rubbing of the reins. Horse riding gloves also come with […]
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