A lasso gives your product/service its publicity value. A lasso is whatever makes your business… U N I Q U E

Come on now, without something special to say about your business you don’t have anything news worthy. Who is interested in hearing about another business opening?

But if you can find and display the uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd then that is NEWS and you will get your F R E E publicity. Great lassos grab the media and make your attempts to gain publicity as easy as leading a hungry pony to spring grass.

Examples of a few Horse Business Lassos…

  • A horse boarding business that holds monthly stall decorating contests with prizes.
  • Trail riding business that has on-the-trail horse training classes and de-spooking clinics.
  • A realty company that gives Riding Lesson gift certificates to new rural home or land buyers.
  • A horse farm that monitors its foals’ bone growth with the latest technology.
  • A training stable that holds quarterly clinics with the top trainers in the country.

Imagine having magazines, papers, and T.V. or radio stations calling you and ASKING you for your story. How much are a few inches of a 2-minute segment on T.V. or a thirty minute interview on the radio worth to you could you afford to purchase that? Probably not. But you can get them at no charge if you know what you are doing.

A Eye-Opening Teleseminar with Sherry Busch, of RiskOutWest.com on Using Public Relations for Equestrians & Equine Business was held May 3rd. In this special call you learn Sherry’s strategies and techniques for getting the kind of media coverage that you, your equine business, or your event needs.

Public relations is a great way to build a business on a small budget, and it’s a skill that all small business owners should have. Getting “ink” in the paper, or time on TV or radio can greatly amplify your current marketing program, and should be part of every marketing
program. Unfortunately, it’s often one of the areas that is often overlooked even by savvy businesses.

Sherry was the Public Relations Assistant at the U.S. Weightlifting Federation and the Colorado State Games. She was the Public Relations Director for the Colorado State Games, for the Colorado Springs National Ski Patrol Ski Swap, the Marketing Director for U.S. OpenTaekwondo Championships, and the Marketing Director for National Events for the U.S. Taekwondo Federation.

Sherry graciously shared her extensive Public Relations experience in a very special call on
May 3rd covering…

  • How to write a media release (press release)
  • How to put together a media kit
  • How to target the media that you want
  • How to use the press that you get in other parts of your marketing

The audio and transcript from this call is available for purchase and this is DEFINITELY something you will want to refer to by and by, especially if you are trying to market yourself or your business on a fixed budget!

Amplify your marketing with publicity knowledge…

Using Public Relations for Equestrians & Equine Business


Did you know… having your name in print or mentioned in an interview is huge.The credibility you gain in the eyes of the consumer is at least ten-fold over what you would gain from a paid ad.

Publicity Marketing Vs. Paid Advertising
April 18, 2006 by Larry Nickerson

Links to other important PR info I found for you on the Internet…

  1. Tips for Getting f r e e Publicity for Your Small Business http://snipurl.com/pxlz
  2. PR Can Cure for Small Business Failure How to nudge your business toward success by Robert A. Kelly http://aboutpublicrelations.net/uckelly4a.htm
  3. PR Article Links http://aboutpublicrelations.net/toolkit.htm

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