Equine learning opportunity with Equine Reproduction Specialist Justin Hayna, DMV of BlueMoundsEquine.com

EquineTeleseminar.net has another call scheduled in their ongoing Horse Health series! Check your schedule and clear the evening of May 2nd for a fascinating live phone interview scheduled with Justin Hayna, DMV, of Blue Mounds Equine Center.

The Art and Science of Equine Reproduction

Patricia of EquineTeleseminar.net and Justin will be discussing both horse breeding basics and cutting-edge technology available for mare and stallion owners in the ever-growing field of Equine Reproduction. If you’ve ever considered breeding your horse, or think you might someday, you owe it to yourself to listen in on this call.

You should sign up to listen in on this one-of-a-kind call if…

  • You’re a horse breeder
  • You’ve ever considered breeding your horse,
  • You might own a mare or a stallion someday
  • You’re just interested in learning more about some of the advances in horse health

This phone call is free, outside of your regular long distance phone charges. Space is limited to only 248 participants, so sign up now and make plans to attend! For more info or to sign up and submit your questions visit…

The Art and Science of Equine Reproduction

Important note: Questions are answered in the order that they are received so please sign up early so you can post your special question that you would love to hear answered. Only so many questions can be answered in the 90 minute call so turn yours in fast.

Special Bonus: if you order the telepak, you get extra audios, and the corresponding transcripts! Justin has graciously agreed to answer a few of the questions that we won’t have time for on the live call. Reserve Your copy now!

Even if you can not make it for the live call on the evening of May 2nd or you miss the call you can order the audio and text files and still get all the important info!

Please tell a friend or two about this educational call on Horse Breeding!

A sampling of some of the Questions to be discussed…

  1. How can you control a mare’s ovulation so that you don’t have to keep rechecking her to do AI? Is there a better way than RegumateTM because I haven’t found that to be as precise as I would like.
  2. What supplements are best for the pregnant mare? I have those that I use, but wondered what you recommend. PMU mares come with no background on what they have been eating while pregnant. Is it too late to start them on some schedule of supplements while they are 6-11 months along?
  3. What vaccines should be used during the mares pregnancy and why? What about worming the mare during pregnancy and after foaling? My foals last year were wormy; how can I prevent this? Two of my mares that I sent out to be bred last year, didn’t get pregnant. When I got them back they where so thin, in fact emaciated, it took me three months to get them back to normal body weight. Did this have anything to do with them not getting pregnant? I am breeding one of them back right now, but she is fat and happy. She will be staying here and we will be doing AI.

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You’ll Learn A Lot Just Listening To Justin Answer These!

Art and Science of Equine Reproduction