A few nibbles of oats about me

My Business Philosophy…

  • I believe in myself and in the services and goods that I market.
  • I believe in truth, quality, value, and honest business methods.
  • I believe in my business clients and know they are working hard to create a business that sustains their body and mind, their families, and creates value for their clients and I aim to help them.
  • I aspire to consistently improve in all that I undertake.
  • I recognize the fact that the first requisite of success is not to aim for profits, but to grant true benefits, and that monetary reward materializes because of this course.
  • I believe in the simple joys of life – sunshine and fresh air, running my dogs, fresh wild blackberries, listening to the song birds, watching my ponies run, the golden rule, etc…
  • I believe that when I make a sale I should aim to make a friend – not for the moment but for life.
  • I believe that when I part with a client that we should both be happy to meet again in the future.
  • I endeavor to depict horses and all animals as the wondrous spirits that they are so that other people will also see them that way.

~Joni Solis, artist, businesswomen, and passionate adorer of horses.

You can also learn more about me by reading this interview: Equine Graphic & Web Designer Interview – Joni Solis

Joni Solis - owner of A Love for Horses
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Artist, Joni Solis – A Love for Horses Art Studio
Joni Solis
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Joni Solis
Owner, A Love for Horses

Click on the images below to view some of the past custom horse logos I have designed…

Custom Horse Logos

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